Monday, February 11, 2013

"Credit reports": Another of Mammon's wepons vs. mankind

A Federal Trade Commission study released on Monday revealed that 5 percent of consumers had errors on one of their three major credit reports, potentially leading to higher costs for loans and insurance.

It's a story familiar to Vernon Stanton III, 37, from Hobbs, N.M.

Stanton said the credit bureaus mixed his credit history with those of other people with a similar name. When he moved to Kansas City, Kan., for a new job in 2000, he said he was rejected from rental properties because of his credit history. He therefore had to live in a motel temporarily.
from FTC Says 5 Percent of Consumers Have Credit Report Errors, Leading to Costly Consequences

These are for the most part not mistakes, but deliberate distortions which favor those whom Satanism favors, and undermine those it wants to destroy.  Organized Satanism orchestrates the events leading to these "mistakes."  These "mistakes" then become the basis for the "private sector" (i.e. the very private sector - nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more - which controls the economy) to deny loans or apartments (as if organized Satanism's rigged housing-courts are slow to evict those who fall behind on rent - I've seen stories about squatters who move into other people's houses while they're away, and who are treated better than renters by the courts), and then let their victims go through hell to get to the bottom of the "mistake" and get it fixed. Opportunities for SRA abound in this system, set up by Satan's legal division, along with "not torture." Naturally, our government and the media pretend to be puzzled, but it's all part of pretending that Satanism doesn't exist.

But, as I keep having to remind myself, these are necessary aspects of human destiny, and no amount of blogging is going to change it. Swords are the result of an analogous "hellish" process. However, I don't see why people have to remain in the dark about it.