Friday, February 15, 2013

Cruise ship "accident" so far unexplained

Despite the public relations disaster created by the Carnival Triumph catastrophe, travel experts and others say the impact on bookings for Carnival and the cruise industry in general will only be short-lived.
from Impact of Carnival Triumph mishap may not last, experts say

Interestingly, the "accident" occurred on the new Moon (a lunar new year to boot), and there doesn't seem to be an explanation for the fire. Carnival also conveniently got the passengers to sign away their right to sue before taking the cruise, so they would have been able to know how much it would cost them beforehand. Furthermore, it seems to me that there should be fail-safe plumbing systems (as long as the ship in intact, that is), so it wouldn't surprise me if the ship was DESIGNED to create such hellish conditions as a result of some mysterious fire. I know that tremendous resources are devoted to subjecting people to SRA, such as by DESIGNING prisons to facilitate it.