Monday, February 4, 2013

David Attenborough, British knight and Darwinism-pusher

The case of British knight SIR David Attenborough's series of nature shows sprinkled with "evidence" of Darwinism indicates that there are powerful ulterior motives for that disinformation campaign from the depths of the materialistic era. The following passage provides a hint of this hidden motive:
"It remains an obvious and brutal fact that on a finite planet, human population will quite definitely stop at some point. And that can only happen in one of two ways. It can happen sooner, by fewer human births—in a word, by contraception.... The alternative is an increased death rate, the way which all other creatures must suffer, through famine or disease or predation. That translated into human terms means famine or disease or war—over oil or water or food or minerals or grazing rights or just living space. There is, alas, no third alternative of indefinite growth." [1]
Elaborating on this hint, however, would quickly get me in over my head, although I assume it has something to do with the transition to the next subrace, and the Apocalyptic ordeals intended to drive our spiritual evolution. God evidently has more faith in us than we have in ourselves.

My point is that although Darwinism is a lie, and the "scientific" basis of organized Satanism's recruitment, it is evidently necessary for various purposes, and impossible to eradicate by proving it to be false.

[1] from How Can Anyone Be So Crazy as To Start a Nuclear War?