Sunday, February 17, 2013

Don't abuse the "e" word

New York Observer longtime film critic Rex Reed is no fan of Melissa McCarthy or her latest movie - and that's putting it mildly.

Reed wrote a scathing takedown of Bridesmaids star McCarthy's latest comedy Identity Thief last week. He (like many others) panned the flick, but he also took a shot at McCarthy on a personal level by zeroing in on her physical appearance.
from Critic slammed for calling Melissa McCarthy 'hippo' and 'tractor-sized'

One of Reed's critics called his criticism "cruel" and "evil."  Cruel, perhaps, but my gut says not evil, although I don't know Reed's motive, and perhaps not even Reed knows his motive. I would say that criticism can be a form of SRA, but that in order to declare it to be SRA, I would have to know the precise motive, and this is essentially impossible. I try to avoid using "evil" except in connection with the 8th Sphere agenda (the Devil's plan to split our souls and stop our evolution), but even then, I might be too quick to pull the trigger, because the intent might be to subject someone to an ordeal which is part of their karma or destiny.

So, I suggest that people avoid flinging the "e" word recklessly, partly because being "evil" in the sense of being sinful is practically impossible to avoid. We should also remember that Reed's review was probably reviewed before being published.