Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nietzsche explicitly advocated "evil"

On a lark, I searched Thus Spake Zarathustra for terms related to evil and possession, and was surprised to find the following passages which support my contentions regarding the true source of "Nietzsche's" rants (i.e. that the Spirits of Darkness ghost-wrote much of them):

Ye highest men who have come within my ken! this is my doubt of you, and my secret laughter: I suspect ye would call my Superman - a devil!
"Man is evil"- so said to me for consolation, all the wisest ones. Ah, if only it be still true today! For the evil is man's best force. "Man must become better and eviler"- so do I teach. THE EVILEST IS NECESSARY FOR THE SUPERMAN'S BEST. It may have been well for the preacher of the petty people to suffer and be burdened by men's sin. I, however, rejoice in great sin as my great consolation.
To him however, who is possessed of a devil, I would whisper this word in the ear: "Better for thee to rear up thy devil!  Even for thee there is still a path to greatness!" [There is only one Devil, properly speaking, so this reference to "a devil" must be a reference to an evil spirit in general. However, when these spirits take possession, they don't take orders from those they possess. They use their vessels for their own purposes.]

In my opinion, these passages are hints of the real motives behind "Nietzsche's" writings, which advocate attitudes and behavior (i.e. abandonment to one's inner swine) of the sort which lead to certain "introductory" types of possession, including possession by the Spirits of Darkness, which are Angels gone bad, whose intelligence and slipperiness are reflected in Nietzsche's rants. The vast majority of the time, however, Nietzsche tries to give the impression that swinishness on the part of the best physical specimens is the path forward for the human race, when this just reflects Satan's preferred sort of tool.