Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not impressed by Tuiasopopo's "confession"

My opinion on the Manti Teo hoax remains the same: that it was a form of SRA, and that Tuiasosopo's "confession" and the associated massive cover-up is an exercise in the art of the big lie, which is another aspect of Satanism. Dr. Phil, whom the media can obviously trust to toe the party line, was probably enlisted to help conceal the very existence and true nature of Satanism, which is essentially an alien war on the human race (see Invasion of the Body Snatchers), although "Jack the Ripper's" terror-spree might be construed as such a declaration (follow the Ripper label on the right side of this blog). Te'o's fake girlfriend's 'history' parallels Tuiasosopos and Manti Te'o girlfriend voice at issue provide evidence to support my position.

You might object by claiming that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo has implicated his father, Titus, a pastor, in child molestation, but his father's response so far seems to imply that he knows it's a lie, and that his "church" knows its a lie intended as a transient cover story to protect the reality Satanism from exposure.

Ronaiah also claims to  be gay as a result of his supposed abuse, and that he is "recovering." But real homosexuality is due to soul-configuration, and cannot be "cured." Each of us receives a custom soul-configuration upon reincarnation - and this can include homosexulaity. Some might object that God would not create a person who is incompatible with his/her biology, but there's more to life than biology. Homosexuals claim to know from an early age that they are homosexual.

Others might bring up a passage from that ancient fraud from Babylon known as the Old Testament (see From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament - go here and scroll down). The Inquisition, complete with burning at the stake, was supposedly God's will, but it was actually a case of Satanism posing as Catholicism, a result of the Venetian infection. (It just goes to show what Satanists will do when they can get away with it.) The Salem Witch Trials were an example of Satanism posing as Christianity.

Everyone will forget this cover story in a couple of weeks, and nobody will continue to wonder about the motive behind the hoax. That's its purpose. That's my opinion.