Friday, February 8, 2013

Papua New Guinea's "Salem Witch Trials" on steroids

GENEVA — Spurred by the killing this week of a young woman accused of witchcraft in Papua New Guinea, the United Nations on Friday called on the country to address increasing vigilante violence against people accused of sorcery and to revoke a controversial sorcery law.
from U.N. Calls on Papua New Guinea to Curb Violence After Burning Death of Woman

What sort of morality allows someone to torture someone to death because the torturer/murderer claims, without proof, that his victim is guilty of a crime which pales in comparison?  Well, Satanism for one - one of its aspects is to project its name onto its victims.  The Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials are models for this sort of thing.

Actual occultists would never do such a thing, because they know that in Kamaloca, which is a stage of purification after passing through the gate of death, we experience the affects we have had on others.