Saturday, February 9, 2013

PNG's laws encourage "witch" burning

(Image indicates that Port Moresby, the vicinity of the "witch burning" Satanic ritual, is located near a ley line, where Satanic and other etheric beings are concentrated. Performing these rituals near ley lines improves their chances of success, i.e. the elicitation of Satanic possession. Also note that it occurred shortly before the lunar new year.)

Responding to Wednesday’s attack in Mount Hagen, the United Nations human rights office and Amnesty International urged Papua New Guinea’s government to implement the recommendations of a constitutional commission that called in November for the repeal of the country’s sorcery law.

Human rights groups say the 1971 law, which criminalizes sorcery and recognizes the accusation of sorcery as a defense in murder cases, contributes to the violence. The commission’s report and recommendations, however, have not yet been presented to the country’s Parliament, Ms. Pouilly said. “We don’t know why nothing has been done since November,” she said.

from U.N. Calls on Papua New Guinea to Curb Violence After Burning Death of Woman

As I suspected, PNG's government is complicit in these crimes, which reflect a psychopathic/Satanic lack of conscience. Everything about the commission of these atrocities is right in line with Satanism's standard practices, including an ultimate lack of accountability in this world. (One gang of perpetrators was supposedly arrested, but if they're Satanists, they're probably being rewarded, not punished. The arrests would have been for the purpose of protecting the government's image.)

One article quoted a government official as saying that the "witch" burning would be treated as any other murder, when in fact it was far worse than simple murder.  It was actually an extreme example of SRA, which consists of repetitive ("ritual") gratuitous cruelty (perpetrated against KNOWN INNOCENT people, and animals - such as kittens - in order to force the perpetrator to inflict cruelty for no other reason than to cause suffering). SRA's purpose is to elicit Satanic possession ("magical powers") by aligning the perpetrators' will with Satanic will, and in this case, perhaps Satanic-demonic will (not to be confused with Luciferic-demonic will, which is pretty much the opposite, and elicited through excessive "mysticism"). 

The purpose of Satanism is ultimately to forever destroy mankind (Orwell's "boot stamping on a human face, forever"), but in order to accomplish this, Satan must have an army of puppets at his disposal, so his puppets recruit new candidates from among the young and gullible, using all sorts of techniques to get them to surrender their free will and align their will with the will of various Satanic beings.  But he's tried before and failed, and will probably fail again, but mankind has to play a bigger role in its defense, now that it has attained a more advanced state of consciousness in general.

Stop letting Satanism tell you that it exists only in ignorant, superstitious minds. The sooner more people learn to recognize its reality and true nature, the less likely it is to succeed.