Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Transportation dreams

Considering the amount of lying on the part of the "decarbonators," everything they say is now suspicious. It seems that they're now concentrating on claims about acidification of the oceans to scare us away from using hydrocarbons as fuel, but they aren't offering any viable replacements. So it seems that they intend to destroy the economy, just like their gambling/bloodsucking banker brethren.

Still, I like the idea of electric cars powered by fuel cells, but piston engines and batteries will have to do until fuel cells become affordable. For fuel, Audi's e-gas looks interesting, although it would be best to use nuclear power plants to produce it instead of covering the planet with windmills, which are actually being put in place in preparation for a dark age.

Another feature on my transportation wish-list is lane-keeping, for reasons that anyone who's driven long distances on fairly straight roads can understand. I suppose the lawyers who concocted the line that "buzzed driving is drunk driving" (as if the legal limit is zero) will fight lane-keeping tooth and nail, because it will make it hard for the police to justify pulling people over on suspicion of driving with slower reflexes than a fighter pilot, even in tiny cars with excellent handling and braking.

Eventually, autonomous vehicles would be nice, but for all-weather transportation, new cities built around elevated monorail light rail systems and conventional roads would be the ultimate. Titan Global has a proven quasi-maglev monorail design, although most monorail systems use rubber wheels, with track heaters to prevent loss of traction.