Monday, February 25, 2013

Turkish foreign minister repeats big lie about the Syrian conflict

(Reuters) - Turkey accused Syria on Monday of attacking Syrian towns with bombing, shelling and Scud missiles and called at a meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council for perpetrators of atrocities to be brought to justice.
"Today, the regime is waging a brutal war against the Syrian people through indiscriminate air bombardments and Scud missile attacks against urban areas," he said. "We have to make sure that all perpetrators will not go unpunished."

Torture of detainees is systematic, [Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet] Davutoglu added.
from Turkey denounces Syria's "brutal war" on own people

The fact that this article appeared on the day of the full Moon might have been intended as a hint of what's really happening.  Such unaccountable use of military force against civilians is a hallmark of organized Satanism, which is our actual government, and which in this case has divided itself into two opposing forces: NATO-supported "Islamic freedom fighters" (formerly known as "Islamic terrorists," supposedly at war with NATO), and a faction within the Syrian military forces. Both are waging war on Syria (and trying to start a broader conflict) in the guise of waging war on each other. Their hood ornaments/scapegoats, such as Obama and Assad, periodically point their fingers at "the other side," as ordered, to further obfuscate the nature of the war.

This, I gather, is necessary as part of the actual Apocalypse, which constitutes an initiation of the human race, and the excarnation of this solar system, taking place over the course of tens of thousands of years, and involving various new subraces and root races, and changes in consciousness. But that doesn't mean we have to be resigned to our fate. As Rudolf Steiner put it, we've got to fight for our freedom, and I assume that refusing to accept lies is part of this.