Monday, March 18, 2013

Bloody-handed US rushes to take drone-morality high ground (revised)

... the US has made drone warfare the “new normal;” [but now] other nations [have] started acquiring drones of their own. It’s not as funny when the other guy does it, so President Obama is now pushing global rules and standards on when drones can be used.
from As Other Nations Acquire Drones, Obama Seeks ‘Global Rules’

"Global rules?" Does he mean something like the Geneva Conventions, which our "Devil's advocates" have defined out of existence by creating the legalistic category known as "not-torture?"

It seems that our real government's ruling principle, i.e. "might makes right," (the rule of the law of the jungle) only applies when it has all the might. For example, when the US was the only country with nukes, our real government (the Isis cult, represented at that time by Bertrand Russell and Winston Churchill) couldn't wait to use them on civilians in a modern version of the "Ripper's" butchery, i.e. to announce something. (For evidence to support this claim about Hiroshima & Nagasaki, see this entry.) In this case, it was a means of announcing the Cult's acquisition of the ultimate terror-weapon, and its willingness to use them on its enemy, i.e. mankind, to control the world.  LaRouche has exposed their claim that it would shorten the war as a lie.

Similarly, the Cult of Isis and its hard-core offshoot known as Satanism, lurking behind the facade of a Constitutional US government, has used drones for terror, but terror as a means of experimenting with the creation of a Satanic machine-like Hell on Earth in order to drive out the human spirit.  The Russians and Chinese couldn't help but use theirs for more justifiable reasons, even without the US imposing rules as a means of taking the moral high ground despite waging drone-terror for years. The real danger is that our government will somehow turn this development into an excuse for another war.


Revision: Added reference to Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bombings: An atomic age "Jack the Ripper?"