Monday, March 25, 2013

Destruction of free will at the core of "operation enduring freedom"

Obama, however, having promised to close Guantánamo, but then having discovered that it was politically difficult to do so, has contented himself with finding justifications for continuing to hold the 166 men still at Guantánamo, possibly for the rest of their lives.
from “No Indefinite Detention at Guantánamo,” U.S. Claims, Defying Reality

It's what our government does behind the scenes, not what it says on TV news, that reveals its true nature. In fact, it might be said that launching the "war on terror" (which is actually a reign of terror) "to defend our freedom" was partly intended to not only destroy people's lives, but to DESTROY THEIR FREE WILL. i.e. their VERY ABILITY TO BE FREE. (One euphemism for this is "learned helplessness," used in the context of "intelligence gathering," which is itself a euphemism for taking possession of the sadists perpetrating the "interrogation.") This destruction of free will (which Orwell in 1984 called "the obliteration of the self") is the essence of pure evil, and our government is clearly dedicated to it.

In a final attempt to retain their free will, some prisoners at Gitmo have decided to starve themselves, despite being force-fed in a manner calculated to make them want to die even more. The purpose behind this is to instill in their SPIRITS a fear and loathing of Earth-life and to motivate them to "divert" into the 8th Sphere (Lucifer's fake "Heaven" characterized by pure fantasy) during their next incarnation, leaving the physical body prepared for their incarnation bereft of a human spirit/mind. (BTW, the  incarnating spirit's desire for certain parents tends to attract them to each other. Many factors go into this decision. So, human sexual attraction is much more complex than that of animals without individual souls.) But never fear, the military's mad scientists are working on replacement-"minds," i.e. "artificial intelligence," to allow such mindless drones to perform slave labor.

Gitmo can also be seen as a laboratory for designing a world order intended to generate fear and hopelessness on a mass scale. Terror, which is run by organized Satanism hidden behind several layers of front-groups (including such groups as the KKK, i.e. 11 11 11) is another means of implementing this agenda.

Drone terror is one of its most pure varieties of terrorism, because those living with it are convinced that they could be killed by, or be a survivor of, an explosion which appears OUT OF THE BLUE AT ANY MOMENT WITHOUT WARNING, potentially "by accident" or because there are "suspicious" characters nearby (i.e. able-bodied men doing just about anything in a group, which is the essence of a society). The destructive psychological effects on its potential victims are its actual goals. This has been a major aspect of aerial bombing since its inception, but drone terror is unique because the drones circle overhead constantly.

Both Gitmo and drone terror are "justified" with pathetic excuses (which also mischaracterize the crimes they "justify"), and they epitomize the nature of the emerging Satanic/Orwellian New World Order (>6 6 6).