Monday, March 18, 2013

Global chaos possibly intended to trigger volcanism

This element of the fire-earth is intimately connected with the human will. It is this element which has produced the tremendous eruptions that brought the Lemurian epoch to an end. At that time the forces which nourish the human will went through a trial which unleashed the fire catastrophe that destroyed the Lemurian continent. In the course of evolution this sixth layer receded more and more toward the center and as a result volcanic eruptions became less frequent. And yet they are still produced as a result of the human will which, when it is evil and chaotic, magnetically acts on this layer and disrupts it.
from An Esoteric Cosmology, Lecture XVI

A major volcanic eruption, which would clearly qualify as "Apocalyptic," could destroy civilization, and it appears possible that the various forms of chaos being deliberately unleashed around the world might be intended to trigger at least one. (This would explain why so little is being done to maintain infrastructure.) Those behind the eruptions would prepare so that those it wants to survive would survive. However, this would not be the end of mankind, but a transition to another stage.