Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gun store owner uses inane excuse to refuse sale to astronaut!

After the [assault rifle] purchase, [former astronaut Mark Kelly] planned to turn the gun over to the police. After   learning of Kelly’s plans [to prove how easy it is to get an assault rifle], the store owner has now canceled the transaction. Since his statements MADE IT CLEAR THAT THE PURCHASE WAS FOR REASONS OTHER THAN PERSONAL USE....
from Mark Kelly’s Gun Buy Canceled

Kelly's intent obviously qualifies as personal use. Perhaps he should have taken lessons from Jared Loughner on crazed looks, babbling to himself, intimating a fixation on a public official, and parading insanity and gun use in plain sight of the various authorities which should have prevented him from having guns. By the way, why was there never any official investigation into how Loughner got a Glock? Would it have exposed an untouchable gun store owner?