Sunday, March 10, 2013

NATO silences Afghan actor who exposed heroin trafficking

Moscow: Prominent Afghan actor Nazar Mohammad Majnonyar Helmandi who starred in more than a dozen films has been killed in a NATO air strike in Afghanistan.

Helmandi was killed along with three militants who had seized the movie star on suspicion of spying for the government in Helmand province, his brother Dilawar told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Helmandi had gone to Khoskabi on the outskirts of Lashkargah to inquire after his ailing sister when he was captured by the armed rebels, he said.

The militants were interrogating Helmandi when the NATO air strike took place, killing the actor and the rebels.
Helmandi's movies highlighted the struggle against drug trafficking and terrorism in the country.

from Afghan actor killed in NATO air strike

The government also noted on Friday that five Afghan police officers had been killed this week while carrying out a poppy eradication campaign in western Farah Province.
The lure of profit from poppy cultivation has brought insurgents and poppy farmers together in many cases, finding common cause against haphazard government efforts to eradicate crops. Farmers can make far more cash growing poppies than almost any other crop, while insurgents impose lucrative taxes on poppy production, generating an estimated $155 million for the Taliban last year.
from Contractor Killed on a U.S. Base in Afghanistan
The London-centered international narcotics enterprise which Lyndon LaRouche refers to as "Dope, Inc." has converted Afghanistan into a giant opium and heroin producing machine for the global drug market London has created. Afghan opium production soared by 140% over the last five years—from 3,400 metric tons in 2002 to some 8,200 metric tons in 2007—and its share of world production leapt from 75% to 92% in the same period.
from Afghanistan: Dope, Inc.'s Heroin Machine
Heroin addiction was the topic of conversation in Will County Saturday, where law enforcement officials say it has become a national epidemic.
from Will County officials hold summit on heroin ‘epidemic’

NATO probably arranged to have the actor kidnapped so that it could kill him "by mistake." It just won't do to have a prominent figure exposing one of the real reasons for the "war" there.