Friday, March 1, 2013

The evil of "gallon smashing"

South Africa's location on the Earth Grid explains its attraction for those in search of "superhuman" status. I was going to refer the reader to my page on this subject, but Tripod has evidently seen fit to delete it.

It involves walking into grocery stores, grabbing gallon jugs of milk or juice, and throwing them on the ground or into the air while pretending to fall. Many of the “falls” in the video include acrobatic jumps and “dropping” the jugs usually involves violently throwing them into the air or into shelves.

from Originating In Vienna, ‘Gallon Smashing’ Goes Viral

It just so happens that "Vienna" converts to 65, then 11, the number of black magic, which Satanism pretends to be, as part of its bait. (It wouldn't get many recruits by telling them the truth - that they want to help "magical powers" get THEM.) So, "gallon smashing" originated in "black magic."

A key aspect of cultivating demonic possession is cultivating the will for destruction, which "gallon smashing" is clearly intended to accomplish, although in an "introductory" form. It makes no sense from the perspectives presented by the media. It also reeks of the Nietzschean Superman's propensity for creating their own "morality," which boils down to doing whatever they can get away with. In South Africa (a creation of the Netherlands, one of the destinations of the Satanic Venetian oligarchy when it relocated for strategic purposes), this apparently includes dragging people down the street with vans and beating them to death in prison. (Would those responsible for the dragging have done so ON VIDEO if not certain that they'd get away with it?)  Note in the map above that SA is in a choice spot on the Earth Grid for "magical powers" to get people who cultivate the will for destruction.

Gallon smashing is also a means of waving the "nonexistent" Satanism under our noses and gloating over our obliviousness to it, which is another of its favorite activities.  Another motive is to abuse us by offending our sensibilities with such ridiculous and potentially dangerous antics.

It would be vandalism, if they didn't have the permission of the store owners/management, who are probably part of organized Satanism.  They've left no stone unturned.