Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev indeed two "people" in one?

I must admit that the more I look into this case, the more confusing it gets. For someone so apparently inept, how did he manage to keep his supposed terror-plans hidden from everyone, and how did he pull it off without any testing? (Why does the government allow such plans to be put on the internet, and why does it allow people to purchase the key ingredient in the form of fireworks?) Was he in fact two "people" in one - was he possessed by the Spirits of Darkness, who have a proclivity for discarding their tools once they're done with them?  Might these same spirits have overshadowed everyone who made a decision that ultimately facilitated the bombing, such as by persuading the FBI that he was of no consequence?  It's an easy way to explain the contradictions, but there's no way to prove it.

Tsarnaevs heard on video denying involvement

Video footage from the scene of the shootout with the alleged Boston bombers appears to contain audio of the suspects screaming out, “We didn’t do it!” as police fire on the two brothers.
from  Boston Bombers During Shootout: “We Didn’t Do It!”

If the Tsarnaev brothers weren't involved in the Boston bombing (as everything besides the "evidence" provided by the FBI and the Tsarnaev's neo-con-connected uncle and aunt indicates) we should wonder where the FBI got the video which supposedly shows them transporting, depositing, and detonating the bombs, and take a good look at it for signs of fakery (if the FBI will let us have it).

The FBI's lurid "manhunt" was apparently staged violence to give the casual observer the impression of a pitched battle with evil superhumans, and its "investigation" reeks of a giggling lie-fest by organized Satanism in general, the goal of which is to see how much and how obviously they can lie before someone notices. The sudden "realization" that Tamerlan might have been behind various murders might have been a hint that the process of gathering "evidence" consists of piling lie upon lie, assuming that nobody would question the FBI's honesty in such an important matter. (Also note how soon after getting Dzhokhar's "confession" that he and his brother were the only ones behind the bombing - as if we could trust anything they say he says, or even what comes from his own lips now now that he has to worry about retribution in prison - the FBI decided to go after his mother for being so candid, and suddenly found "evidence" that she and others were involved.)

The FBI obviously covered up 9/11, so running the Boston bombing, murdering a scapegoat, railroading another into prison-hell for the rest of his life, turning Boston into a police state for a couple of days, and using the incident on an ongoing basis to get in as much SRA and lying as possible, would be nothing. It was the original director of the FBI, the apparently cross-dressing Isis-cult connected Hoover, who raised the specter of a conspiracy so monstrous that it boggles the average person's mind. The British/Satanic faction of the FBI is a part of such a conspiracy, and we must learn to regard it as an enemy, disguised as a law-enforcement agency.

Might video "evidence" have been faked?

It seems that the only solid evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers were involved in the Boston bombings is some video which supposedly shows them walking in the area with backpacks. This supposed evidence is completely at odds with what their friends and families knew about them. (Note that no timeline of their activity has been provided.) Perhaps the guys in the video aren't really them, but "doubles" or someone made up to look like them, or perhaps the video is a product of editing. The FBI has been stingy with the other supposed video of them supposedly planting their bombs - why haven't they shown it to the public?  Are they afraid that we'd expose it as fake?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's black-ops controller?

Yasafi Vali, the executive director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury, which held a candlelit vigil for the bombing victims this week, and Nichole Mossalam, of the Cambridge mosque, where Tamerlan attended services, are helping the authorities with their search for answers. They are asking congregants about the man described by Raslan Tsarni as having a powerful hold over his nephew.
But Ruslan Tsarni, an uncle, has blamed Zubeidat Tsarnaeva for introducing her son to hardline Islamic views. He also claimed that a mysterious Armenian in Cambridge had "brainwashed" his nephew, prompting a wave of speculation in the community about the identify of the mysterious figure, about whom no further details could be confirmed.
from Tamerlan Tsarnaev and radical Islam: friends and neighbours seek answers

But Ruslan Tsarni, an uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers and Zubeidat's former brother-in-law, said Saturday he believes the mother had a "big-time influence" as her older son increasingly embraced his Muslim faith and decided to quit boxing and school.
from APNewsBreak: Russia caught bomb suspect on wiretap

The so-called "Misha" has been found and it seems that he is not what some have called Tsarnaev's "Rasputin" or "Svengali."  The Telegraph has suggested that a Canadian boxer is the culprit, but it looks to me that this is just the British empire's attempt to cover Tsarnaev's connection to the Jamestown Foundation, a neo-con tool for destroying Russia.

It seems likely that Tsarnaev had a single-point local contact to the black-ops conspiracy behind the bombing, much like the FBI kept an eye on its patsy for the JFK hit, Lee Harvey Oswald, and manipulated his activity. Tsarnaev was apparently inspired by a Jamestown conference he attended. Perhaps he was kept in line by threats to himself or his family. His uncle, referenced above, appears to be either clueless or a disinformation agent of the conspiracy. Others have mentioned that this uncle has connections to organizations in the neo-con orbit.

"War on terror" gang's latest Boston cover-story revision

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said Sunday he thinks the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were trained in carrying out the attack.

Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul told “Fox News Sunday” he thinks suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev had help, considering the device’s level of sophistication and the type of device -- a shrapnel-packed, pressure-cooker bomb.

from Lawmaker suggests Boston bombing suspects had training ahead of attack

"They were so sophisticated that they wouldn't have been detected even if there WERE any security!" Then he added, still reading from the script provided by the FBI's "religious extremist" or "occult" division, "now we can declare Dzhokhar ('Johar') to be an enemy combatant, declare the prison to be a Constitution-free zone, and torture him until he confesses to all of his crimes, and that his mother is the Boston Strangler." 

For all we know, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was deliberately cultivating the profile of a jihadist while operating under the belief that he was helping the FBI to expose terrorists, just as Oswald apparently believed he was helping to expose an assassination plot. (Certain incidents indicate that he was deliberately calling attention to his supposed radical beliefs.) It seems to me that he had too much to lose to wittingly sacrifice his life to kill a few Americans, as if it would help Islam in the least. Nobody with half a brain could conclude at this point in history that some terrorist incident (especially a puny one) in the US would accomplish anything good for Islam. After all, radical Islam supposedly committed 9/11, and it obviously produced terrible consequences for Islam, as intended by its actual perpetrators. (Note that landing gear from 9/11 was "just coincidentally" found shortly after the Boston incident, obviously to dredge up memories of that hideous "Islamic" deed. Interestingly, the landing gear had a piece of rope or cable attached to it, perhaps indicating that it had been placed there in order to be "discovered" for purposes of dredging up such memories.)

This supports my claim that the FBI is making up their cover story as they go along. When it served their purpose to "find" the Tsarnaevs to have been acting alone, lo and behold that's what they "found." Now, it serves their purposes to "find" that Dzhokhar is a part of a terrorist organization which includes his mother, so they can torture him to get even with her for telling what she knows (i.e. that her son knew he was being watched). Of course, when their own connections to Chechen terrorists are exposed, or at least the fact that they turned a blind eye to neo-con support for Chechen terrorists trying to break up Russia (just as we're supporting terrorists who are attacking Syria, to start a war with Russia), they'll have to come up with more lies. Fortunately for them, they enjoy lying - inventing "reality" is an aspect of playing God with the lives of mere humans.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tsarnaev's mother on watch list!

US intelligence agencies added the mother of the Boston bombing suspects to a government terrorism database 18 months before the bombings, two officials said.
The CIA asked for the older suspect, now dead, and his mother to be added to a terrorist database in the autumn of 2011, after the Russian government contacted the agency with concerns that both had become religious militants, according to officials briefed on the investigation.
from ... Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was added to terror database ...

So, what did they find as a result of all this watching, and how did Tamerlan pull off the bombing despite it?  Considering that he lived in Boston, right under their noses, how was he able to (supposedly)  buy fireworks with enough explosives for those bombs? (At least that was the story a couple of days ago.)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Has the government admitted to making it up as they go along?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed this afternoon that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told authorities earlier this week that he and his brother had discussed going to New York City to detonate the explosive devices they still had in their possession after the Boston Marathon bombing. Exactly how much thought the brothers put into the plan, however, remains unclear: NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that Tsarnaev described the plot, which was said to target Times Square, as a "spontaneous" one that was hatched last Thursday night and quickly abandoned as police closed in on them in suburban Boston.
from Police Say Tsarnaev Brothers Plotted "Spontaneous" Times Square Attack

Who doesn't know that planning to bomb Times Square takes at least a day?  Luckily for the Keystone Cops at the FBI, those fiends who slipped in under the FBI's radar and successfully pulled off their first bombing without a hitch became incredibly inept once they pulled it off! (There might be instructions on the internet on how to use fireworks to build bombs, but that doesn't mean that the FBI or CIA would be interested in anyone on their watch lists purchasing an unusual amount of such fireworks in April.)

I'm beginning to think that the Colorado theater massacre might have been the beginning of an outbreak of terrorism committed in the US by "lone wolves" against which there is supposedly no defense, sometimes followed by terrorism in the name of capturing them. 

Neo-cons behind Boston "Islamic" terrorism

Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports today (see English translation here). The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.
from  Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop

ACPC operates out of Freedom House and the Jamestown Foundation, a Cold War-era Washington think-tank which includes Brzezinski and Woolsey on its board, and which boasts a mission of conducting "democracy"-promoting operations inside "totalitarian" states. Jamestown publishes ACPC's Chechnya Weekly, as well as propaganda briefs against China, North Korea, and other Eurasian countries deemed to be neo-con targets.
from Neo-Cons Knee Deep in Caucasus Provocations

In other words, those who gave us the "war on terror" (which is actually a Satanic reign of terror) were behind the Boston bombing, which was a pretext for giving us a taste of the fascist police state waiting in the wings.

Boston bombing "manhunt" just an excuse for SRA

Further footage has emerged from last week in Watertown where armies of SWAT police went door to door ripping families out of their homes in the manhunt that ensued following the Boston bombings.
from  Video: SWAT police gunpoint raids in Boston Were Conducted “House After House”

As I suspected, before having the evidence now at hand, a major reason for the Boston bombings was to provide a pretext for the Satanist faction within law enforcement to run roughshod over Americans in the major city most closely associated with the American Revolution.  In other words, it was an announcement of the reversal of the Revolution.  The Redcoats have returned in a new, "American" disguise, with modern weaponry and tactics, which include disguising their attacks as defense.

Note that the younger Tsarnaev "mysteriously" escaped the firefight in which his brother died, and that exactly how he managed to escape is being glossed over by the media, as is the lax security which ALLOWED the bombing in the first place. I surmise that he was ALLOWED to escape precisely to provide a pretext for the PLANNED police-state action by swarms of Satanic "supermen," who are too special to take any risks when raping mere humans, so they always do it with overwhelming force, using military-type gear. Night raids in Iraq and Afghanistan are a variation on this theme.

Further note that this SRA-spree, beginning with the bombing, wound down just before the first full Moon of spring, or at least of spring-like weather.

Senate hears firsthand accounts of its drone-terror, remains mute

U.S. Drone Strikes in Yemen Killing Innocents and Spreading Hatred of the U.S.  shows how much our government cares about the victims of its terrorism. Its recent show of concern for the victims of the Boston bombing was just a distraction from its own complicity, until our attention shifted elsewhere. If it could have pretended that these victims don't exist, it would have - just as it does to the innocent victims of drone-terror. (I believe the "magic bullet" theory is still the official version of the JFK hit, and the incorporation of "magic" in the title was apparently also meant as a hint of who, or rather what, was actually behind it, and what controls the Senate.)

Mammon, the sadist, can't resist adding insult to injury

The American Banker reported on April 23 that banks are simply walking away from hundreds of thousands of vacant properties from which they have driven out the homeowners by filing foreclosure proceedings, only to then refuse to complete the foreclosure process, because they do not want to pay the costs of maintaining homes which they cannot sell without taking a loss.
from Bank "Zombie Foreclosures" Loot Homeowners, Cities, States

Ah, the "free market."  The taxpayers have already paid for these homes, but the previous owners are thrown out and stuck with the bill for property tax, etc.  This reeks of SRA. So where's that puppet show known as our "government?" Studying and reciting their latest scripts, of course, which don't include any demands for investigation into the giant holes in the security at the "secure" area at the Boston marathon finish line.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smoking gun: lax security

The government and media can spew all the "facts" it wants to support their claims about the Tsarnaev brothers being a couple of mindless or ultimately suicidal religious fanatics (whose family had few clues about the extent of their supposed fanaticism), but they have yet to explain, nor will they explain satisfactorily, how the Tsarnaev brothers supposedly strolled into a secure area (which had been swept for bombs) with crude bombs which a bomb-detecting dog would have noticed given the opportunity to check their backpacks.  

Faith-"healing" church allowed to con parents into letting their children die

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia couple serving years’ probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of doctors has been arrested for violating their probation after another one of their children died.
from Second child dies after parents turn to prayer instead of doctors

What is this sort of prayer but an appeal to magic?  Actual prayer is meditation, not begging God for something (a throwback to Babylon with its ET-gods Marduk and Ishtar), even though He has already given us the life we need (and indeed agreed upon before reincarnation) along with free will and reason, which has produced medical miracles.

Indications are that this British imperial Ishtar/Isis-cult joke-church, the First Century Gospel Church, is being allowed to brainwash its members in this manner, and I assume that this is intended as a form of SRA - let the church con its members, but don't hold the church accountable. (It probably falls back on a team of "Devil's advocates," i.e. Satanic lawyers, the high priests of their actual "morality" of doing whatever low thing they can get away with.) So, their children die as a result of belief in this lie, and then the parents are punished further. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Did the FBI use doubles for the Tsarnaevs?

Considering the disconnect between the various accounts of the Tsarnaev brothers' activities and statements, it seems reasonable to wonder whether the accounts all refer to the same people, or perhaps to at least two pairs which closely resemble each other.  It wouldn't be the first time the FBI used doubles - there was more than one "Lee Harvey Oswald."

LPAC exposes FBI's pattern of creating "Islamic terrorists"

The federal judge presiding over the Newburgh case, Colleen McMahon, declared that it was "beyond question that the government created the crime here," and she criticized the FBI for sending informants "trolling among the citizens of a troubled community, offering very poor people money if they will play some role—any role—in criminal activity."
This operation was publicly defended by both Richard DesLauriers, the head of the Boston FBI office, and Carmen Ortiz, the United States Attorney — BOTH OF WHOM ARE STILL IN PLACE OVERSEEING THE MARATHON BOMBING CASE.
from Did the FBI Just Bungle The Boston Bomb Plot, or Did It Actually Create It?

Yesterday's edition of 60 Minutes included a segment on the military's bomb-detecting super-dogs which probably would have been able to easily detect the crude bombs used in the Boston bombings. My question is why the FBI didn't funnel everyone coming into the area near the finish line (behind the barricades, that is - the marathon runners wouldn't have to be screened) through checkpoints with such dogs. The answer is that the bombs were apparently already in place, as indicated by photos run by Infowars.com, and NOT planted by the Tsarnaev brothers, and if such checkpoints were used, the FBI wouldn't be able to explain how the bombs got into the area, which it had inspected before the race.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston bombing: lax security followed by terror and police state (revised)

(Revision: cleaned up some awful writing) 

The "war on terror" is a reign of terror disguised as a war on terror, and this is abundantly clear in the Boston case, in which organized Satanism inside the government set off a couple of bombs, further traumatized Boston in the guise of an epic manhunt, shootouts, etc., and then framed a couple of innocent men for it, killed one in a gruesome manner, and will probably put the other through hell and feed us lies about what he supposedly says. (It seems clear that the FBI had been setting them up as patsies for years, as it did to Lee Harvey Oswald. Perhaps to distract us from this, Sen. Graham has been citing its supposed failure at preventing the bombings.) Note that in no case was the media allowed to get a good look at what was actually occurring because the action was always surrounded by an army of police - we just had to take the government's word for it. It also appears that the second suspect has lost his ability to speak, and just as with James Holmes, we'll never get to hear him explain himself, conveniently.

On its face, it was the government's failure to provide adequate security that allowed the bombings to take place in the first place, but evidence indicates that it actually planted and detonated the bombs. The "muscular" response was apparently partly intended as hint of what the future will look like (the movie Brazil) - a fascist police state "for our own good" in response to terrorism which it commits and blames on scapegoats.

Note that crowds applauded the police forces once the second "suspect" was apprehended. I suspect that at least some of them were applauding them for terrorizing Boston and emerging as heroes.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston bombing: Cult of Isis strikes back? (revised)

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War.[9][10] They were fought on April 19, 1775, in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Menotomy (present-day Arlington), and Cambridge, near Boston. The battles marked the outbreak of open armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in the mainland of British North America.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his "Concord Hymn", described the first shot fired by the Patriots at the North Bridge as the "shot heard 'round the world."
from Battles of Lexington and Concord
Washington brought in artillery and forced the British out as the patriots took full control of Boston. The American victory on March 17, 1776, is celebrated as Evacuation Day. The city has preserved and celebrated its revolutionary past, from the harboring of the USS Constitution to the many famous sites along the Freedom Trail.
from History of Boston

As I assumed from the outset, the Boston marathon bombing was a black operation (from one perspective, a "ritual" sacrifice) run by a faction within the FBI that ultimately traces back to the Isis cult, which has run the British empire from the beginning.  The FBI's claim that the supposed bombers acquired such an arsenal of improvised explosives which worked perfectly the first time, doesn't pass the smell test. The FBI's claim that it found a bomb lab at the supposed bombers' home, just as it supposedly found James Holmes' apartment rigged with explosives, is also suspicious.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Scapegoat sacrificed

BOSTON — One of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings was killed early Friday morning after leading the police on a wild chase after the fatal shooting of a campus police officer, while the other was sought in an immense manhunt that shut down large parts of the area. Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts said residents of Boston and its neighboring communities should “stay indoors, with their doors locked.”

from Dragnet Shuts Boston; One Suspect Is Slain but Second Man Is on Loose

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Suspicious figure spotted on video: part of "drill?"

CBS News focused reporting on information about the possible suspect culled from video.

“At the site of what became the second explosion on Monday, surveillance video captured a man wearing a black jacket and gray hooded sweatshirt placing a backpack on the ground while talking on a cell phone,” CBS reported, citing sources and reporting that “While the man was on the phone, the first explosion went off.”
from Reports: Suspect identified in Boston Marathon bombing

If our security services cannot protect us from such monsters, they should let us know before we attend such events, not after one walks through the giant holes in their "security." They should at least tell everybody to be alert for anyone leaving items and departing, which should in itself be a crime.

But then, as infowars.com has been reporting, it appears that a "security drill" was taking place at the time, and such "security drills" are typically smokescreens for black ops. This supposed bomber might have been just another facet of the "drill."

Distractions from the cover-up

Washington (CNN) -- White House mail handlers identified a "suspicious substance" in a letter sent to President Barack Obama the same day one suspected of containing the poison ricin was found in a Senate mailroom, the Secret Service said Wednesday.

Both letters arrived Tuesday at off-site postal facilities set up after the 2001 anthrax attacks and have been sent to laboratories for additional tests, authorities said.
from Another suspicious letter found, this one to Obama

All we know is that articles about these supposed envelopes have appeared in the media.  We don't really know whether these supposed envelopes exist. I consider this to be an attempt by the government to distract us from the "investigation" into the bombing, such as from the fact that a suspicious bag was photographed at one of the blast sites about an hour before the blast occurred (see 2nd previous entry).  Any cop assigned to patrol that area should have noticed it and had the area evacuated.  So, why wasn't that done, and why isn't the media pressuring the FBI on this issue?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Comforting" message appears in front of victims' home

Eight-year-old Martin Richard was among the dead, said U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, a family friend. The boy's mother, Denise, and 6-year-old sister, Jane, were badly injured. His brother and father were also watching the race but were not hurt.

A candle burned on the stoop of the family's single-family home in the city's Dorchester section Tuesday, and the word "Peace" was written in chalk on the front walk.
from Krystle Campbell, 29, Martin Richard, 8, killed in Boston Marathon explosions

It just so happens that "peace" converts to 16 5 1 3 5, that the addition of 16, 3, and 5 yields 24, i.e. 6, and that the addition of the other 5 and the 1 also yields 6.  So, the actual message might have been "66," i.e. 6x11, two of Satanism's most special numbers.

When someone so young dies, they are typically assigned to an important job in the spiritual world which can be performed only by those who have died young. Knowing this would no doubt comfort the Richards family.

The dog that did not bark

Investigators believe the explosives used Monday were pressure cookers placed in nylon bags. The blasts killed three people and injured at least 176 others.

Among the photos under review are the two above, which were given to NBC station WHDH of Boston by a witness.
The first picture shows a bag next to a mailbox along a barricade on the marathon route. The second — which the station said it had blurred because of its graphic nature — appears to show no sign of the bag.

The person who took the pictures told WHDH that as long as an hour may have passed between the times the two photos were taken.
from FBI reviewing before-and-after photos of bag at Boston Marathon blast scene

In other words, the bomb was sitting for about an hour where any cop with anti-terrorism training should have noticed it. So who was assigned to that area? Was this part of the "drill?"

How does Boston bombing fit into reality?

Although it's hazardous for someone with tunnel vision to speculate about motives for the Boston bombing, it seems that the scenarios being mooted by the government don't fit into reality. If it were done by some lone nut, he's have to be an idiot or to be an existentialist and a masochist (or with little time to live), because the penalty is a combination of constantly looking over one's shoulder, and long stint in some prison cell followed by execution, and there is no statute of limitations in this world or the next. If it were some group (other than the group that runs the government), it probably would be on the FBI's radar by now, and it probably would have infiltrated it and known in advance (which some claim was the case).  So, the only scenario that makes sense to me is a black operation with a variety of motives and a patsy or a group of patsies.

Bombing victim symbolizes likely motive

“She was so cute. She was just full of life,” Lillian said. “She loved being around people. She was a people lover, even as a little girl. She always had a lot of friends around her. She loved music, and she loved life, Krystle did. She was always bouncing and always happy.”
from article on Boston Marathon bombing victim
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever. Orwell, 1984

There could be no better symbol for the bombing's ultimate target: human happiness.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing smells like an inside job

Infowars.com has been reporting that a "terrorism drill" was taking place at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Such drills are typically used by the "Apocalypse"-mongering faction within the US/UK/Israeli military-intelligence complex to allow themselves to commit terrorism right under the noses of the lower echelons of the security apparatus. So, for example, real bombs could be portrayed as dummy bombs hidden for purposes of testing the ability of the security apparatus to locate them, and the switch with actual bombs blamed on some double agent who can be made to disappear. Bomb-detecting dogs were reportedly at the scene as part of this "drill."

Just "coincidentally," a Saudi national, apparently on a student visa, was near the scene of one of the explosions (shades of 9/11), and taken into custody for questioning, perhaps to get us looking in the direction of "Islamic" terrorism.  It worked on me, for a while, until I realized that the authorities who picked him up didn't have any solid connection between him and the bombing - just a reasonable suspicion. Perhaps he was manipulated into that situation, but if so, I assume that this will be blacked out by those who are supposedly questioning him.

My initial reaction was that this bombing is intended to breathe some life into the "war on terror" and explain a rash of US atrocities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  But perhaps it's the beginning of a "blowback" phase of the "war on terror" partly intended to explain what happened to the "recovery," and to destroy pieces of infrastructure that aren't crumbing fast enough. Only time will tell.

Another potential meaning of bombing a MARATHON might be as a hint that the "war on terror" is here FOR THE LONG RUN.  

Spain's financial dictatorship emits specious excuse for raping its subjects

The left-wing regional government of Andalucia in southwestern Spain will temporarily block evictions from homes belonging to banks or real estate firms to help families in need. The measure, which came into force in Spain's most populous region on Friday just three days after it was approved by decree, IS OPPOSED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, WHICH SEES IT AS AN ATTACK ON PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.
from Home evictions — right of resident or of private property holder?

Earlier this week, on Monday the 25th of March, the new President of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem, stated that the developments in Cyprus, WHEREIN THE DEPOSITORS IN THE CYPRUS BANKS WERE FLEECED OUT OF BILLIONS OF EUROS OF MONEY, TO BAIL OUT THE INSOLVENT EUROPEAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM, that this, according to Dijsselbloem, was actually going to be a "template" or a model for what was going to be done in other countries, as well.
from The Cyprus Template: The Case of Spain (interview transcript)

In other words, the central government regards Spain and its inhabitants to be the private property of the banks. However, it also appears that it it intended the "private property rights" gambit to stun and paralyze the mind of the average person and prevent them from recognizing the speciousness of its "argument," through sheer audacity and by limiting the scope of their concern over private property rights to the sphere of mortgages, and leaving out the fact that the Spanish government has been treating the average Spaniard as if THEY have no private property rights, by looting their posterity and even their savings accounts to supposedly save these banks which they supposedly need, despite their clearly-demonstrated incompetence, at best.

So much is revealed about the world's governments in those few words.  The common good, and the very ability of the economy to support the bailout (even if it were valid), are clearly not considered, indicating that the actual priority of the governments is to destroy the global economy, or that they are too stupid to govern. 

As I was writing this, I noticed an article about Spain from the Financial Times (which should be renamed Financial Crimes) which is an excellent example of the BS paraded as economic wisdom by the mass media. Its purpose appears to be to imply that the actual problem is the pessimism resulting from the realization that the world's governments are trying to kill us.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Black Ops R Us "transport" service

Here’s how serious the U.S. is about its African war on terror. The Pentagon is preparing to spend millions to create a privatized flying taxi service to fly its commandos everywhere from Libya to Congo.
from Contractors’ Next Payday: Commando Logistics for Africa Shadow Wars

Not to mention a few Satanists in need of opportunities for advanced SRA as part of getting those "magical powers."  By splitting these functions off from the military command structure, it's easier to hide this activity, and harder to hold anyone accountable. As in Iraq, the victims will just "turn up" without anyone knowing who tortured and murdered them, and the US government will instantly blame it on whomever they want to obliterate next.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Notorious video of massacre has damning audio track

[Pvt. Bradley Manning] testified about the helicopter gunship video that he released to WikiLeaks, which was later made public under the title “Collateral Murder.” In stark, grainy black-and-white, it shows the gunship kill 12 men in Baghdad on July 12, 2007, with audio of the helicopter crew mocking the victims, celebrating the senseless murder of the people below, two of whom were employees of the Reuters news agency.

Manning said: “The most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was the seemingly delightful bloodlust of the aerial weapons team. They dehumanized the individuals they were engaging and seemed to not value human life by referring to them as ‘dead bastards,’ and congratulating each other on the ability to kill in large numbers.”
from WikiLeaks’ New Release: The Kissinger Cables and Bradley Manning

Wow!  Until reading this article, I didn't know that there is audio to go with this video.  With the audio, it constitutes "smoking gun" evidence of the "Nietzschean superman" (Satanist) attitude of those who actually run this "war." As LaRouche so succinctly put it, the distinguishing characteristic of such "Beast-men" is their lack of conscience and willingness to perpetrate (and as indicated by the video, the ability to savor) crimes which would never cross the minds of mere humans. I suppose that they also consider their ability to operate beneath the radar (precisely because most people cannot imagine such monstrousness) and take over the military to be further proof of their "superhuman" nature, by which Nietzsche/Satan, the great "revaluer of all values" ("black is white, and white is black") meant subhuman and anti-human. (These are not humans, but Satanic beings in human bodies, and they don't fret over being possessed - they secretly gloat over having hijacked a human body.) The media for the most part artfully conceals the results of these "wars," which Dahr Jamail recently put in stark terms after visiting Iraq. As I predicted years ago, it's been transformed into one of the inner circles of Hell, on Earth.

Is "Hannibal" based on reality?

Since Anthony Hopkins portrayed Hannibal Lecter in
Silence of the Lambs, I've wondered if the character has any basis in reality. It doesn't fit the profile of any type of possession to my knowledge. But after watching a couple of episodes of the new NBC series, it occurred to me that Hannibal is not possessed - he represents Satan himself.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Islamic scholar" adds prostitution to "Jihad"

Now, according to Giuliana Sgrena of IPS, the Tunisian press reports that between 6,000 and 10,000 men have left Tunisia to fight in Syria.... According to Sgrena, this recruitment bears all the markings of a human-trafficking criminal racket.

Sgrena also reports that clerics are also recruiting women and girls as young as 14 to "take up 'jihad through marriage' by travelling to Syria to satisfy the sexual needs of anti-Assad forces. The phenomenon picked up speed after a Saudi religious scholar named Mohamed al-Arifi issued a fatwa in December 2012 allowing the 'temporary marriage,' sometimes lasting just a few hours, of young girls to Syrian insurgents. Though he has subsequently revoked the edict, following a public outcry, the practice continues."
from The Ugly Underbelly of Obama's Policy of Allying with the Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda

This exposes the Satanism, cynicism, and amorality just under the surface of these British-empire-spawned fundamentalist "religions," designed for "prophecy fulfillment" ("promise keeping"), which religious scholar Chris Hedges once described as "fantasy-based political movements." 

In fact, in this mix of sex and violence, I detect a whiff of outright Satanism with the intent of evoking demonic possession, by giving terrorism "divine" approval (the "holy violence" of Frantz Fanon, whom Obama reportedly studied in college) and combining it with casual, uncommitted and uncaring sex, although not simultaneously, of course. (A variation on Fleetwood Mac: "You make killing fun.") Note this combination in the murder of Meredith Kercher at the hands of "fundamentalist Catholic" Giuliano Mignini's protégé Rudy Guede, after he broke into her apartment for that purpose.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Police hear stabbing "suspect" confessing, and tell him to put a sock in it!

The suspect in the stabbings of 15 people at Lone Star College said he was trying to go on a killing spree but was thwarted by a broken knife blade, a fellow student told the Chronicle.

Minutes before the stabbing rampage, Demond Lago was arrested by Cy-Fair campus police on a trespassing offense. While he was waiting, police brought in the stabbings suspect, identified as Dylan Quick, 20, and put him in the holding area with Lago.

"We were sitting on the floor while a cop sat in a chair," Lago said. "I asked him, did you do it? And he said yes. Then the cop told us to stop talking to each other."

When the officer looked away, Lago said, he asked Quick, "What were you trying to do? He said he was trying to go on a killing spree but the (expletive) blade broke."

Lago said the officer saw them talking again, and placed them in separate rooms, ending the conversation.
from Student: Suspect said goal was killing spree but 'blade broke'

The guy was apparently spilling his guts, so why didn't the police just record his confession and save taxpayers a bundle?  Are they afraid of what else we might learn about his motive?

Why does someone who was regarded as weird but harmless decide to go on a killing spree?  Of course, we'll never know, but Houston is where Andrea Yates methodically murdered her children and said that she felt as if she were being controlled by a spiritual being.

Has evolution stopped? (revised)

Rev A (see Notes)
Scientists have identified 25 gene variants that may increase the chance a person will have autism.

The 25 additional copy variations (CNVs) are missing or duplicated stretches of DNA that have a "high impact" on autism. This means even though they rarely occur, they each raise the probability a person will have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
from 25 new gene variants linked to autism

Scientists claim to have identified the missing link between human speech and monkey chatter.

Researchers analysed the distinctive "lip-smacking" sounds made by wild gelada baboons of the Ethopian highlands and found striking similarities to human speech.
from Missing link between humans and monkeys found

This might be a link, but it doesn't mean that Darwinism is correct. (Actually, monkeys descended from humans, but that's a long story.) If Darwinism were correct, beneficial mutations would be occurring at an incredible pace, but what few mutations we do see are detrimental.

There really are no Darwinists; not even Darwin was a Darwinist (his name was assigned to a big lie concocted by the Cult of Isis at the core of the British oligarchy). "Darwinists" are either liars, suckers, or atheists, the last of whom aren't evil, but simply constitutionally incapable of believing in God.

Woody Allen, as funny as he is (I like his joke about mankind facing a choice between utter despair and total extinction, which concludes by hoping that mankind chooses wisely), reflects the unfortunate mindset of someone who simply cannot accept the existence of a God who works in mysterious ways.

The character House often dismissed the possibility of a Creator on the basis that the world is so full of suffering, not realizing that the world is not our home, but a school where we come to have certain experiences, and that God is beyond human comprehension but clearly has more faith in us that we do in Him. It is only human to rail at God for creating such an apparently horrible world, and to try to understand and "solve" it, which is what drives our actual evolution.

At worst, "Darwinists" are Satanists (the "liar" category of "Darwinist") hell bent on convincing a new generation of suckers that since there's supposedly no God, there are no consequences to perpetrating sadism, as long as the perpetrators control the planet's "justice" industry. The "justice" system itself provides many opportunities for sadism, especially as a result of the "war on drugs" which is partly intended to create a class of "subhumans" who can be abused with impunity by "superhumans" within the system. Actual solutions to drug abuse include education, positive reinforcement for avoiding drug use (such as good jobs), prosecution of drug kingpins such as onetime crack kingpin G.H.W. Bush, and prosecution of bankers who launder drug money.

Of course, once someone conquers their conscience (assuming they were born with one) through SRA, sadism becomes "2nd nature" and they feel "sexual" pleasure, not guilt, as a result of sadism. Actually, "they" are no longer who they were originally - "magical powers" have grabbed the controls and shoved them out of the way, although they relinquish the reins when it serves their purpose to convince others that the person is still who he used to be.

Rev A: Revised 2nd-to-last paragraph for clarity.

Still "gathering intelligence" in Iraq

Investigative journalist Dahr Jamail reported for Democracy Now! throughout the early stages of the U.S. invasion of Iraq 10 years ago. Now with Al Jazeera, Jamail has just returned from Iraq once again, finding what he calls a "failed state" living in "utter devastation." In part one of our interview, Jamail discusses the harrowing security situation for Iraqis living in fear of bombings, executions and kidnappings, the widespread torture in Iraq’s prisons, and the breakdown of security in what he calls a "lawless state."
from Dahr Jamail Returns to Iraq to Find Rampant Torture and a Failed State Living in "Utter Devastation"

James Steele, who came out of retirement in 2003 after guiding US-backed commandos in El Salvador in the 1980s, was deployed to Iraq as an “ENERGY CONSULTANT” [demonic energy, that is] not long after the invasion began. A member of General David Petraeus’ inner circle, Steele quietly trained a Iraqi paramilitary force numbering in the thousands. With the help of Col. James Coffman, another Special Forces operative, he freely dispatched Shia militias to torture Saddam Hussein’s Sunni soldiers in order to learn the details of the insurgency.
from 'US-trained death squads' organized torture sites across Iraq
... it is Ahriman's [Satan's] constant and fiercest endeavour to strangle men's individual intelligence and appropriate it for himself, so that it may pass into his power and be used to serve his own purposes. I have told you that there is a mysterious connection between the higher forces of intelligence in the beings [demons] who serve Ahriman and the forces of man's lower nature. Ahriman's perpetual endeavour is to appropriate the intelligence of human beings and not allow them to realise what they can achieve through their own intelligence.... Men must strive as time goes on to keep their intelligence under their own individual control, to keep unceasing watch over it. This is essential, and it is well that man should know with what enticing and powerful words Ahriman approaches him, trying to wring his intelligence from him.
from The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture 10

(To be clear, those performing the torture are the ones whose intelligence is being "gathered" by Satan. Those being tortured are just having their minds destroyed.)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Medical researchers find new heart risk, but still haven't studied Pauling Therapy

Published online in Nature Medicine, the new studies suggest a possible major role in atherosclerosis for carnitine, which is commonly added to energy drinks and is found naturally in high concentrations in red meat.
from Researchers Find New Pathway Linking Heart Disease To Carnitine

Might the Pauling Therapy block this effect? It would seem that it does in some cases, because I started taking about a gram of Carnitine per day at about the same time I started a variation on the Pauling Therapy, about three years ago, and my symptoms of heart disease disappeared in a couple of weeks and haven't reappeared.

Massacres of innocents marks official launch of Afghanistan's Satanic ritual sacrifice season 2013

(CNN) -- A young American woman was killed Saturday in Afghanistan in what is believed to be the first killing of a U.S. diplomat since a September attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Anne Smedinghoff, 25, was delivering books to a school, along with a U.S. civilian from the Defense Department, when a bomb struck their convoy in Zabul province in southern Afghanistan....
from Diplomat's killing believed to be first since Benghazi
[Caption from image from another article] This image made from AP video shows Afghan National Army soldiers rushing to the scene moments after a car bomb exploded in front the PRT, Provincial Reconstruction Team, in Qalat, Zabul province, southern Afghanistan [coordinates: 32.106425,66.905336], Saturday, April 6, 2013. Six American troops and civilians and an Afghan doctor were killed in attacks on Saturday in southern and eastern Afghanistan as the U.S. military's top officer began a weekend visit to the country, officials said. (AP Photo via AP video)
from Dad says diplomat had passion for foreign affairs
At least 18 people, including as many as 10 children, have been killed in an air strike in eastern Afghanistan.

Afghan officials said strikes happened overnight in Kunar province, during a joint operation between Afghan and NATO troops against Taliban fighters.

There were conflicting figures of the death toll with other news agencies.

Wasifullah Wasifi, the spokesman for the Kunar governor, confirmed the attack to Al Jazeera but gave a different death toll.

"We confirm a raid done by Afghanistan's intelligence service in the district of Shigal. In this raid, the security forces killed 20 Taliban in which 10 of them are very senior Taliban members," he told Al Jazeera. [These "very senior Taliban" were probably replaced in a couple of hours by another batch of "very senior Taliban" by their British controllers.]

He told AFP news agency said at least 10 children were killed in the strike in Shigal while Reuters news agency reported six Taliban fighters as being among those killed in the air strikes.
from NATO airstrike kills 18, including 10 children in Afghanistan

And so goes Operation ENDURING Freedom (to kill humans), until Satan get everything he wants, or the US economy can no longer afford his "war."

Saturday, April 6, 2013

North Korea's saber-rattling intended for internal consumption?

I think I've written previously that, besides being intended to block the relevant section of the Eurasian Land-Bridge, North Korea is apparently an experiment in a direct implementation of Orwell's 1984.  From that perspective, it seems to me that its periodic threats to annihilate the US or its allies are intended to convince its "citizens" (captives) that its great leader is all-powerful, etc. So, we have no reason to fear that it's going to launch an ICBM at us, and that it's going to get past our defenses.  After all, North Korea would cease to exist a few minutes later, and its "leadership" knows it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sequester timed to take blame for weakening economy

(Reuters) - American employers hired at the weakest pace in nine months in March, a sign tax hikes that kicked in early this year as part of Washington's austerity drive could be stealing momentum from the economy.
from Weak job gains hurt economic outlook

This article seems to be intended to confuse us about economic cause and effect.  Poor job growth and austerity are RESULTS of the economic collapse, not causes. 

The causes of the economic contraction are Congress' ongoing policy of bailing bankers out of their bottomless GAMBLING DEBTS, its refusal to implement any beneficial economic policies, and its eagerness to set the world on fire in the name of liberation and fire prevention.

What is Scientology, really?

After the war, Hubbard befriended rocket scientist Jack Parsons, one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Parsons was also a follower of occultist Aleister Crowley.
from a review of Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief
We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit [societal rejects]: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: STAMP DOWN THE WRETCHED & THE WEAK: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and THE JOY OF THE WORLD....
King! Love one another with burning hearts [a reference to deliberately-loveless abandonment to sexual impulses]; ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. YE ARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE, O my chosen!
If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness. Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog! [Obey me unquestioningly!]
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
from The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley [emphasis added]

... it is Ahriman's [Satan's] constant and fiercest endeavour to strangle men's individual intelligence and appropriate it for himself, so that it may pass into his power and be used to serve his own purposes. I have told you that there is a mysterious connection between the higher forces of intelligence in the beings [demons] who serve Ahriman and the forces of man's lower nature. Ahriman's perpetual endeavour is to appropriate the intelligence of human beings and not allow them to realise what they can achieve through their own intelligence.... Men must strive as time goes on to keep their intelligence under their own individual control, to keep unceasing watch over it. This is essential, and it is well that man should know with what enticing and powerful words Ahriman approaches him, trying to wring his intelligence from him.

from The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture 10

It must be emphasized that Crowley was no occultist (not even a black magician, i.e. someone who uses Mystery teachings which are not in the public domain for selfish purposes), as indicated by his notorious use of drugs. He was a Satanist, a servant of Satan, and his "occultism" (Magick) consisted of BS expressed in terminology resembling the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, which aren't suited to mankind's current state of consciousness.  The purpose of his BS, as indicated by the above excerpts from the Book of the Law, is to lure people into the trap of Satanic possession. 

Scientology (created by L. Ron Hubbard), as far as I can tell, is similar to Magick in that it apparently consists of a core of Satanists who probably believe they are black magicians, and outer circles of "true believers" in Scientology who serve as SRA-victims for the hard-core Satanic "leadership." I've noticed this pattern in many different organizations. Scientology's celebrity spokespersons are apparently a special category of true believers in that they are treated like celebrities instead of being abused. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taliban attack Afghan court, kill dozens, free fellow Taliban

The trial of a group of Taliban detainees led to a massive attack and bloodbath today in the city of Farah, when a number of Taliban stormed the courthouse and engaged in an all-day gunbattle in an attempt to free them.
Taliban spokesmen confirmed their role in the attack, claiming that they had successfully freed 13 of the 15 prisoners.
from 53 Killed, Scores Wounded as Taliban Attack Afghan Court

We really should consider something like a war on terror.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bible miniseries: Fundy recruitment drive

The fact that the Bible miniseries was shown on the HISTORY channel is an indication of the power of the "Apocalypse now" lobby. Its "Darwinian" religion is pushed mainly by PBS, which has an aura of academia and independence. (However, PBS deserves credit for highlighting HDTV's audiophile-grade sound capability.) Both serve Satan's purposes - Darwinism is the "bedrock" of existentialism and Satanism, and Christian Fundamentalism is Satanism's means of stampeding us off to Hell on Earth in the belief that it's a shortcut to Heaven on Earth. 

The miniseries appears to have been intended to program a new generation to perceive the world through the lens, or funhouse-mirror, of Fundy literalist interpretations of the Bible.

Much of the Bible consists of fabrications written by the Babylonian priesthood, as detailed in From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament found here. (This priesthood is still around, and lies at the core of the British empire, which controls the media.) Furthermore, the Bible was written for earlier stages of consciousness, including the Sentient Soul stage and the Intellectual Soul stage. Revelation, for example, is based on St. John's clairvoyant vision of the actual Apocalypse, and must be interpreted from that perspective, which was more prevalent when it was written.

The actual Apocalypse, which constitutes the ascent of this solar system into the spiritual realms over the course of tens of thousands of years (to prepare for ITS next "incarnation" after unimaginable eons in a spiritual state), cannot be stopped because it is necessary for our evolution, and will include dark days indeed, partly because of the need to make a transition to a new sub-race in the not-too-distant future. However, as the world and our consciousness becomes more spiritual, physical losses will become less fearful, and eventually, the dark times will give way to good times.

Hopefully we can at least prevent Satan, who either has incarnated or will incarnate soon, from conning us into accepting his kingdom as the supposed Earthly kingdom of Christ, which Christ himself explicitly ruled out as a possibility. This kingdom will come into existence when Earth ascends to a certain extent, and recombines with the Sun.

Now, a war on bad brain things

The Obama administration unveiled plans Tuesday for a mammoth and unprecedented study of the mysterious inner workings of the human brain.
"As humans, we can identify galaxies light-years away," Obama said. "We can study particles smaller than an atom, but we still haven't unlocked the mystery of the three pounds of matter that sits between our ears."
from Obama Unveils Vast Brain-Mapping Project

"Torture will be avoided when possible."

Monday, April 1, 2013

Colorado theater massacre: an unsolvable puzzle to distract us? (revised)

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — James E. Holmes deserves to die for killing 12 people in a storm of bullets inside a packed Colorado movie theater last July, prosecutors said in a hearing here on Monday.
from Death Penalty Is Sought in Shooting at Colorado Theater

Here's a perspective I haven't seen about the Colorado theater massacre: that it is meant as a periodic distraction. (Either that, or it's meant to generate news on otherwise slow news days.) So, every once in a while, some sensational announcement (such as today's announcement that the prosecution will seek the death penalty against Holmes) is made to draw our attention away from something else, and onto the puzzle which is James Holmes (who is either insane or putting on an act as part of this psywar-distraction - all we know about him is what we're being fed), where our attention remains for a while until we give up on trying to make sense of the insane cover story, and lose a little more faith in thinking.