Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bible miniseries: Fundy recruitment drive

The fact that the Bible miniseries was shown on the HISTORY channel is an indication of the power of the "Apocalypse now" lobby. Its "Darwinian" religion is pushed mainly by PBS, which has an aura of academia and independence. (However, PBS deserves credit for highlighting HDTV's audiophile-grade sound capability.) Both serve Satan's purposes - Darwinism is the "bedrock" of existentialism and Satanism, and Christian Fundamentalism is Satanism's means of stampeding us off to Hell on Earth in the belief that it's a shortcut to Heaven on Earth. 

The miniseries appears to have been intended to program a new generation to perceive the world through the lens, or funhouse-mirror, of Fundy literalist interpretations of the Bible.

Much of the Bible consists of fabrications written by the Babylonian priesthood, as detailed in From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament found here. (This priesthood is still around, and lies at the core of the British empire, which controls the media.) Furthermore, the Bible was written for earlier stages of consciousness, including the Sentient Soul stage and the Intellectual Soul stage. Revelation, for example, is based on St. John's clairvoyant vision of the actual Apocalypse, and must be interpreted from that perspective, which was more prevalent when it was written.

The actual Apocalypse, which constitutes the ascent of this solar system into the spiritual realms over the course of tens of thousands of years (to prepare for ITS next "incarnation" after unimaginable eons in a spiritual state), cannot be stopped because it is necessary for our evolution, and will include dark days indeed, partly because of the need to make a transition to a new sub-race in the not-too-distant future. However, as the world and our consciousness becomes more spiritual, physical losses will become less fearful, and eventually, the dark times will give way to good times.

Hopefully we can at least prevent Satan, who either has incarnated or will incarnate soon, from conning us into accepting his kingdom as the supposed Earthly kingdom of Christ, which Christ himself explicitly ruled out as a possibility. This kingdom will come into existence when Earth ascends to a certain extent, and recombines with the Sun.