Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston bombing: lax security followed by terror and police state (revised)

(Revision: cleaned up some awful writing) 

The "war on terror" is a reign of terror disguised as a war on terror, and this is abundantly clear in the Boston case, in which organized Satanism inside the government set off a couple of bombs, further traumatized Boston in the guise of an epic manhunt, shootouts, etc., and then framed a couple of innocent men for it, killed one in a gruesome manner, and will probably put the other through hell and feed us lies about what he supposedly says. (It seems clear that the FBI had been setting them up as patsies for years, as it did to Lee Harvey Oswald. Perhaps to distract us from this, Sen. Graham has been citing its supposed failure at preventing the bombings.) Note that in no case was the media allowed to get a good look at what was actually occurring because the action was always surrounded by an army of police - we just had to take the government's word for it. It also appears that the second suspect has lost his ability to speak, and just as with James Holmes, we'll never get to hear him explain himself, conveniently.

On its face, it was the government's failure to provide adequate security that allowed the bombings to take place in the first place, but evidence indicates that it actually planted and detonated the bombs. The "muscular" response was apparently partly intended as hint of what the future will look like (the movie Brazil) - a fascist police state "for our own good" in response to terrorism which it commits and blames on scapegoats.

Note that crowds applauded the police forces once the second "suspect" was apprehended. I suspect that at least some of them were applauding them for terrorizing Boston and emerging as heroes.