Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boston bombing "manhunt" just an excuse for SRA

Further footage has emerged from last week in Watertown where armies of SWAT police went door to door ripping families out of their homes in the manhunt that ensued following the Boston bombings.
from  Video: SWAT police gunpoint raids in Boston Were Conducted “House After House”

As I suspected, before having the evidence now at hand, a major reason for the Boston bombings was to provide a pretext for the Satanist faction within law enforcement to run roughshod over Americans in the major city most closely associated with the American Revolution.  In other words, it was an announcement of the reversal of the Revolution.  The Redcoats have returned in a new, "American" disguise, with modern weaponry and tactics, which include disguising their attacks as defense.

Note that the younger Tsarnaev "mysteriously" escaped the firefight in which his brother died, and that exactly how he managed to escape is being glossed over by the media, as is the lax security which ALLOWED the bombing in the first place. I surmise that he was ALLOWED to escape precisely to provide a pretext for the PLANNED police-state action by swarms of Satanic "supermen," who are too special to take any risks when raping mere humans, so they always do it with overwhelming force, using military-type gear. Night raids in Iraq and Afghanistan are a variation on this theme.

Further note that this SRA-spree, beginning with the bombing, wound down just before the first full Moon of spring, or at least of spring-like weather.