Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing smells like an inside job has been reporting that a "terrorism drill" was taking place at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Such drills are typically used by the "Apocalypse"-mongering faction within the US/UK/Israeli military-intelligence complex to allow themselves to commit terrorism right under the noses of the lower echelons of the security apparatus. So, for example, real bombs could be portrayed as dummy bombs hidden for purposes of testing the ability of the security apparatus to locate them, and the switch with actual bombs blamed on some double agent who can be made to disappear. Bomb-detecting dogs were reportedly at the scene as part of this "drill."

Just "coincidentally," a Saudi national, apparently on a student visa, was near the scene of one of the explosions (shades of 9/11), and taken into custody for questioning, perhaps to get us looking in the direction of "Islamic" terrorism.  It worked on me, for a while, until I realized that the authorities who picked him up didn't have any solid connection between him and the bombing - just a reasonable suspicion. Perhaps he was manipulated into that situation, but if so, I assume that this will be blacked out by those who are supposedly questioning him.

My initial reaction was that this bombing is intended to breathe some life into the "war on terror" and explain a rash of US atrocities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  But perhaps it's the beginning of a "blowback" phase of the "war on terror" partly intended to explain what happened to the "recovery," and to destroy pieces of infrastructure that aren't crumbing fast enough. Only time will tell.

Another potential meaning of bombing a MARATHON might be as a hint that the "war on terror" is here FOR THE LONG RUN.