Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Has evolution stopped? (revised)

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Scientists have identified 25 gene variants that may increase the chance a person will have autism.

The 25 additional copy variations (CNVs) are missing or duplicated stretches of DNA that have a "high impact" on autism. This means even though they rarely occur, they each raise the probability a person will have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
from 25 new gene variants linked to autism

Scientists claim to have identified the missing link between human speech and monkey chatter.

Researchers analysed the distinctive "lip-smacking" sounds made by wild gelada baboons of the Ethopian highlands and found striking similarities to human speech.
from Missing link between humans and monkeys found

This might be a link, but it doesn't mean that Darwinism is correct. (Actually, monkeys descended from humans, but that's a long story.) If Darwinism were correct, beneficial mutations would be occurring at an incredible pace, but what few mutations we do see are detrimental.

There really are no Darwinists; not even Darwin was a Darwinist (his name was assigned to a big lie concocted by the Cult of Isis at the core of the British oligarchy). "Darwinists" are either liars, suckers, or atheists, the last of whom aren't evil, but simply constitutionally incapable of believing in God.

Woody Allen, as funny as he is (I like his joke about mankind facing a choice between utter despair and total extinction, which concludes by hoping that mankind chooses wisely), reflects the unfortunate mindset of someone who simply cannot accept the existence of a God who works in mysterious ways.

The character House often dismissed the possibility of a Creator on the basis that the world is so full of suffering, not realizing that the world is not our home, but a school where we come to have certain experiences, and that God is beyond human comprehension but clearly has more faith in us that we do in Him. It is only human to rail at God for creating such an apparently horrible world, and to try to understand and "solve" it, which is what drives our actual evolution.

At worst, "Darwinists" are Satanists (the "liar" category of "Darwinist") hell bent on convincing a new generation of suckers that since there's supposedly no God, there are no consequences to perpetrating sadism, as long as the perpetrators control the planet's "justice" industry. The "justice" system itself provides many opportunities for sadism, especially as a result of the "war on drugs" which is partly intended to create a class of "subhumans" who can be abused with impunity by "superhumans" within the system. Actual solutions to drug abuse include education, positive reinforcement for avoiding drug use (such as good jobs), prosecution of drug kingpins such as onetime crack kingpin G.H.W. Bush, and prosecution of bankers who launder drug money.

Of course, once someone conquers their conscience (assuming they were born with one) through SRA, sadism becomes "2nd nature" and they feel "sexual" pleasure, not guilt, as a result of sadism. Actually, "they" are no longer who they were originally - "magical powers" have grabbed the controls and shoved them out of the way, although they relinquish the reins when it serves their purpose to convince others that the person is still who he used to be.

Rev A: Revised 2nd-to-last paragraph for clarity.