Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How does Boston bombing fit into reality?

Although it's hazardous for someone with tunnel vision to speculate about motives for the Boston bombing, it seems that the scenarios being mooted by the government don't fit into reality. If it were done by some lone nut, he's have to be an idiot or to be an existentialist and a masochist (or with little time to live), because the penalty is a combination of constantly looking over one's shoulder, and long stint in some prison cell followed by execution, and there is no statute of limitations in this world or the next. If it were some group (other than the group that runs the government), it probably would be on the FBI's radar by now, and it probably would have infiltrated it and known in advance (which some claim was the case).  So, the only scenario that makes sense to me is a black operation with a variety of motives and a patsy or a group of patsies.