Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Islamic scholar" adds prostitution to "Jihad"

Now, according to Giuliana Sgrena of IPS, the Tunisian press reports that between 6,000 and 10,000 men have left Tunisia to fight in Syria.... According to Sgrena, this recruitment bears all the markings of a human-trafficking criminal racket.

Sgrena also reports that clerics are also recruiting women and girls as young as 14 to "take up 'jihad through marriage' by travelling to Syria to satisfy the sexual needs of anti-Assad forces. The phenomenon picked up speed after a Saudi religious scholar named Mohamed al-Arifi issued a fatwa in December 2012 allowing the 'temporary marriage,' sometimes lasting just a few hours, of young girls to Syrian insurgents. Though he has subsequently revoked the edict, following a public outcry, the practice continues."
from The Ugly Underbelly of Obama's Policy of Allying with the Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda

This exposes the Satanism, cynicism, and amorality just under the surface of these British-empire-spawned fundamentalist "religions," designed for "prophecy fulfillment" ("promise keeping"), which religious scholar Chris Hedges once described as "fantasy-based political movements." 

In fact, in this mix of sex and violence, I detect a whiff of outright Satanism with the intent of evoking demonic possession, by giving terrorism "divine" approval (the "holy violence" of Frantz Fanon, whom Obama reportedly studied in college) and combining it with casual, uncommitted and uncaring sex, although not simultaneously, of course. (A variation on Fleetwood Mac: "You make killing fun.") Note this combination in the murder of Meredith Kercher at the hands of "fundamentalist Catholic" Giuliano Mignini's protégé Rudy Guede, after he broke into her apartment for that purpose.