Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mammon, the sadist, can't resist adding insult to injury

The American Banker reported on April 23 that banks are simply walking away from hundreds of thousands of vacant properties from which they have driven out the homeowners by filing foreclosure proceedings, only to then refuse to complete the foreclosure process, because they do not want to pay the costs of maintaining homes which they cannot sell without taking a loss.
from Bank "Zombie Foreclosures" Loot Homeowners, Cities, States

Ah, the "free market."  The taxpayers have already paid for these homes, but the previous owners are thrown out and stuck with the bill for property tax, etc.  This reeks of SRA. So where's that puppet show known as our "government?" Studying and reciting their latest scripts, of course, which don't include any demands for investigation into the giant holes in the security at the "secure" area at the Boston marathon finish line.