Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neo-cons behind Boston "Islamic" terrorism

Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports today (see English translation here). The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.
from  Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop

ACPC operates out of Freedom House and the Jamestown Foundation, a Cold War-era Washington think-tank which includes Brzezinski and Woolsey on its board, and which boasts a mission of conducting "democracy"-promoting operations inside "totalitarian" states. Jamestown publishes ACPC's Chechnya Weekly, as well as propaganda briefs against China, North Korea, and other Eurasian countries deemed to be neo-con targets.
from Neo-Cons Knee Deep in Caucasus Provocations

In other words, those who gave us the "war on terror" (which is actually a Satanic reign of terror) were behind the Boston bombing, which was a pretext for giving us a taste of the fascist police state waiting in the wings.