Friday, April 12, 2013

Notorious video of massacre has damning audio track

[Pvt. Bradley Manning] testified about the helicopter gunship video that he released to WikiLeaks, which was later made public under the title “Collateral Murder.” In stark, grainy black-and-white, it shows the gunship kill 12 men in Baghdad on July 12, 2007, with audio of the helicopter crew mocking the victims, celebrating the senseless murder of the people below, two of whom were employees of the Reuters news agency.

Manning said: “The most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was the seemingly delightful bloodlust of the aerial weapons team. They dehumanized the individuals they were engaging and seemed to not value human life by referring to them as ‘dead bastards,’ and congratulating each other on the ability to kill in large numbers.”
from WikiLeaks’ New Release: The Kissinger Cables and Bradley Manning

Wow!  Until reading this article, I didn't know that there is audio to go with this video.  With the audio, it constitutes "smoking gun" evidence of the "Nietzschean superman" (Satanist) attitude of those who actually run this "war." As LaRouche so succinctly put it, the distinguishing characteristic of such "Beast-men" is their lack of conscience and willingness to perpetrate (and as indicated by the video, the ability to savor) crimes which would never cross the minds of mere humans. I suppose that they also consider their ability to operate beneath the radar (precisely because most people cannot imagine such monstrousness) and take over the military to be further proof of their "superhuman" nature, by which Nietzsche/Satan, the great "revaluer of all values" ("black is white, and white is black") meant subhuman and anti-human. (These are not humans, but Satanic beings in human bodies, and they don't fret over being possessed - they secretly gloat over having hijacked a human body.) The media for the most part artfully conceals the results of these "wars," which Dahr Jamail recently put in stark terms after visiting Iraq. As I predicted years ago, it's been transformed into one of the inner circles of Hell, on Earth.