Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Police hear stabbing "suspect" confessing, and tell him to put a sock in it!

The suspect in the stabbings of 15 people at Lone Star College said he was trying to go on a killing spree but was thwarted by a broken knife blade, a fellow student told the Chronicle.

Minutes before the stabbing rampage, Demond Lago was arrested by Cy-Fair campus police on a trespassing offense. While he was waiting, police brought in the stabbings suspect, identified as Dylan Quick, 20, and put him in the holding area with Lago.

"We were sitting on the floor while a cop sat in a chair," Lago said. "I asked him, did you do it? And he said yes. Then the cop told us to stop talking to each other."

When the officer looked away, Lago said, he asked Quick, "What were you trying to do? He said he was trying to go on a killing spree but the (expletive) blade broke."

Lago said the officer saw them talking again, and placed them in separate rooms, ending the conversation.
from Student: Suspect said goal was killing spree but 'blade broke'

The guy was apparently spilling his guts, so why didn't the police just record his confession and save taxpayers a bundle?  Are they afraid of what else we might learn about his motive?

Why does someone who was regarded as weird but harmless decide to go on a killing spree?  Of course, we'll never know, but Houston is where Andrea Yates methodically murdered her children and said that she felt as if she were being controlled by a spiritual being.