Monday, April 15, 2013

Spain's financial dictatorship emits specious excuse for raping its subjects

The left-wing regional government of Andalucia in southwestern Spain will temporarily block evictions from homes belonging to banks or real estate firms to help families in need. The measure, which came into force in Spain's most populous region on Friday just three days after it was approved by decree, IS OPPOSED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, WHICH SEES IT AS AN ATTACK ON PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.
from Home evictions — right of resident or of private property holder?

Earlier this week, on Monday the 25th of March, the new President of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem, stated that the developments in Cyprus, WHEREIN THE DEPOSITORS IN THE CYPRUS BANKS WERE FLEECED OUT OF BILLIONS OF EUROS OF MONEY, TO BAIL OUT THE INSOLVENT EUROPEAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM, that this, according to Dijsselbloem, was actually going to be a "template" or a model for what was going to be done in other countries, as well.
from The Cyprus Template: The Case of Spain (interview transcript)

In other words, the central government regards Spain and its inhabitants to be the private property of the banks. However, it also appears that it it intended the "private property rights" gambit to stun and paralyze the mind of the average person and prevent them from recognizing the speciousness of its "argument," through sheer audacity and by limiting the scope of their concern over private property rights to the sphere of mortgages, and leaving out the fact that the Spanish government has been treating the average Spaniard as if THEY have no private property rights, by looting their posterity and even their savings accounts to supposedly save these banks which they supposedly need, despite their clearly-demonstrated incompetence, at best.

So much is revealed about the world's governments in those few words.  The common good, and the very ability of the economy to support the bailout (even if it were valid), are clearly not considered, indicating that the actual priority of the governments is to destroy the global economy, or that they are too stupid to govern. 

As I was writing this, I noticed an article about Spain from the Financial Times (which should be renamed Financial Crimes) which is an excellent example of the BS paraded as economic wisdom by the mass media. Its purpose appears to be to imply that the actual problem is the pessimism resulting from the realization that the world's governments are trying to kill us.