Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Suspicious figure spotted on video: part of "drill?"

CBS News focused reporting on information about the possible suspect culled from video.

“At the site of what became the second explosion on Monday, surveillance video captured a man wearing a black jacket and gray hooded sweatshirt placing a backpack on the ground while talking on a cell phone,” CBS reported, citing sources and reporting that “While the man was on the phone, the first explosion went off.”
from Reports: Suspect identified in Boston Marathon bombing

If our security services cannot protect us from such monsters, they should let us know before we attend such events, not after one walks through the giant holes in their "security." They should at least tell everybody to be alert for anyone leaving items and departing, which should in itself be a crime.

But then, as has been reporting, it appears that a "security drill" was taking place at the time, and such "security drills" are typically smokescreens for black ops. This supposed bomber might have been just another facet of the "drill."