Sunday, April 28, 2013

"War on terror" gang's latest Boston cover-story revision

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said Sunday he thinks the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were trained in carrying out the attack.

Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul told “Fox News Sunday” he thinks suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev had help, considering the device’s level of sophistication and the type of device -- a shrapnel-packed, pressure-cooker bomb.

from Lawmaker suggests Boston bombing suspects had training ahead of attack

"They were so sophisticated that they wouldn't have been detected even if there WERE any security!" Then he added, still reading from the script provided by the FBI's "religious extremist" or "occult" division, "now we can declare Dzhokhar ('Johar') to be an enemy combatant, declare the prison to be a Constitution-free zone, and torture him until he confesses to all of his crimes, and that his mother is the Boston Strangler." 

For all we know, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was deliberately cultivating the profile of a jihadist while operating under the belief that he was helping the FBI to expose terrorists, just as Oswald apparently believed he was helping to expose an assassination plot. (Certain incidents indicate that he was deliberately calling attention to his supposed radical beliefs.) It seems to me that he had too much to lose to wittingly sacrifice his life to kill a few Americans, as if it would help Islam in the least. Nobody with half a brain could conclude at this point in history that some terrorist incident (especially a puny one) in the US would accomplish anything good for Islam. After all, radical Islam supposedly committed 9/11, and it obviously produced terrible consequences for Islam, as intended by its actual perpetrators. (Note that landing gear from 9/11 was "just coincidentally" found shortly after the Boston incident, obviously to dredge up memories of that hideous "Islamic" deed. Interestingly, the landing gear had a piece of rope or cable attached to it, perhaps indicating that it had been placed there in order to be "discovered" for purposes of dredging up such memories.)

This supports my claim that the FBI is making up their cover story as they go along. When it served their purpose to "find" the Tsarnaevs to have been acting alone, lo and behold that's what they "found." Now, it serves their purposes to "find" that Dzhokhar is a part of a terrorist organization which includes his mother, so they can torture him to get even with her for telling what she knows (i.e. that her son knew he was being watched). Of course, when their own connections to Chechen terrorists are exposed, or at least the fact that they turned a blind eye to neo-con support for Chechen terrorists trying to break up Russia (just as we're supporting terrorists who are attacking Syria, to start a war with Russia), they'll have to come up with more lies. Fortunately for them, they enjoy lying - inventing "reality" is an aspect of playing God with the lives of mere humans.