Thursday, May 30, 2013

Additional evidence that Daniel Chong's incarceration was intentional torture

After recalling the Daniel Chong "enhanced interrogation" (torture) incident, it occurred to me that I never considered the Moon phase or proximity of ley lines to the site of that Satanic ritual (as in repetitive/routine) abuse. So here's an image showing that the facility where he was "accidentally" locked up in handcuffs for five days is fairly close to a ley line, where "magical powers" (Satanic spirits) are more concentrated.  Furthermore, his ordeal began on April 20th, 2012, one day before the new Moon. 

As far as I can tell, his case against the DEA has not moved forward, and I regard this as further evidence of the DEA's malevolent intent, and that his attorney is probably part of the coven. It is outrageous that his Congressional representative has apparently not done anything to help him, thus reinforcing my position that Congress is just a puppet show controlled by organized Satanism. The anonymous cockroaches who listened to Chong's pleas for help and did nothing are long gone and will never be identified. There should have been a Congressional hearing, and those in charge of the DEA office should have been put on the hot seat in front of C-SPAN cameras. This was obviously government-sanctioned torture of a US citizen, and Congress and Obama couldn't care less.

Yanira Maldonado and the "ongoing investigation"

A regional office of Mexico's Defense Ministry said troops conducting a routine investigation stopped the bus Maldonado was riding in and and found 12.5 pounds (5.7 kilograms) of a substance that appeared to be marijuana under her seat.

Troops turned the case over to the Mexican attorney general's office, the defense ministry said. Maldonado is being housed in a women's prison in Nogales while authorities decide her fate.

The Sonora state division of the attorney general's office said the investigation is ongoing and declined to provide additional information about the case against Maldonado.

Her husband was told by authorities that regardless of his wife's guilt or innocence, he would have to pay $5,000 to secure her freedom, the family said.

He was able to cobble together the money but then was told it was too late. His wife had been transferred to another jail.
from Mexican officials miss hearing for Arizona mom Yanira Maldonado, accused of drug smuggling

As I expected, the thugs behind the lame lie didn't show up in court. According to a TV interview, the prosecutor has been threatening her to get her to "confess," clearly indicating that they have no evidence.

Getting a bribe was never really the goal, because they would have asked for a reasonable amount that the husband could have obtained quickly, knowing that they would lose the opportunity to get paid when she was transferred to another jail. They knew that the prosecutor would go along with their lie, and that she would be kept in jail and "interrogated." The goal was to commit SRA and to traumatize her, undoubtedly with the complicity of their superiors and with the relevant elements of the American government, who are probably doing what they can to drag it out while giving the appearance of trying to get her freed.

Furthermore, the amount requested, $5K, just so happens to convert to about 63K pesos, i.e. 9-11 (two key "magical" numbers), and the amount of pot supposedly found under her seat just happened to be about 6 Kilos, and "kilos" converts to 66, so that "6 Kilos" converts to 666.  6 kilos was probably the amount her accusers had in mind when they charged her.  The very notion that anyone with half a brain would try to smuggle so much weed under a seat in a bus is ludicrous.

Note the use of the "ongoing investigation" claim, as is typical when the goal is to just tread water until the world's attention shifts elsewhere, as in the case of Daniel Chong, who was "accidentally" locked in a holding cell for five days. Over a year after Chong's near-fatal ordeal, it appears that the "investigation" is still "ongoing." During his "accidental" incarceration (during which he was handcuffed, even though he had been told that he was not being charged) he could hear people talking outside his cell, although they supposedly couldn't hear him pounding and yelling. Obviously, some Satanists in the DEA were working on their "magical powers" (Satanic possession of some sort) by marinating in sadism by torturing someone they knew to be innocent, per Crowley's instructions mentioned in a recent post below.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brooklyn D.A.'s phenomenal recording quality

HDTV's audio and video quality in general are very good, but a few shows serve as examples of how good they can be. One of these is Brooklyn D.A., the first episode of which has such transparent audio and video that's it's like sitting in on the recording session.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the music industry IN GENERAL will release release digital recordings of such quality, because in my opinion they want to reserve the capability to obtain such high-quality playback for themselves. So, they'll let us have LP's, which are transparent (i.e. they let you listen THROUGH them to the music), but from which it is very expensive and difficult to extract master quality audio even if it's on the record, and CDs, which can be very good but don't have the transparency of LPs or the stunning realism of high-resolution digital. 

Baltimore-area train explosion is suspicious

CSX spokesman Gary Sease said the sodium chlorate in a derailed car near the front of the train exploded, igniting terephthalic acid in another derailed car. Sodium chlorate is used mainly as a bleaching agent in paper production. Oklahoma State University chemist Nick Materer said it could make for a potentially explosive mixture when combined with an incompatible substance such as spilled fuel.

Another chemist, Darlene Lyudmirskiy, of Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp. in Gardena, Calif., said such a mixture would be unstable and wouldn't need even a spark to cause a reaction.

"If it's not compatible, anything could set it off," she said.
Sumwalt said late Tuesday that the collision occurred at a private crossing where the only marking was a stop sign. He said it wasn't clear why the truck was crossing the tracks or whether it was authorized to be there.

The truck driver, 50-year-old John J. Alban Jr., remained in serious condition Wednesday at Shock Trauma in Baltimore, a hospital spokeswoman said. Two CSX workers aboard weren't hurt.
from CSX: Md. train explosion caused by chemical cargo

I find it difficult to believe that this was an accident. It's intriguing that it occurred almost precisely on the Earth Grid (see image - the actual location of the incident is slightly NE of Baltimore) on 5/28/2013, i.e. 33/6, i.e. 6-6, and it just happened to contain this volatile combination of chemicals (which it appears should have been kept further apart from each other). Note that it occurred in the context of a recent rash of terrifying "non-terrorist" incidents, including a major bridge collapse caused by an "accident" (interestingly, Al Qaeda hasn't taken out any bridges, although it would evidently be easy) and a couple of other train crashes.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

American transparently framed in Mexico for pot smuggling

An Arizona mom arrested in Mexico and accused of smuggling 12 pounds of marijuana was framed, her family and a state official say.

Yanira Maldonado was arrested on a bus last Wednesday while traveling home with her husband from a funeral, CNN reports. At a military checkpoint in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora, authorities told Maldonado that they found 12 pounds of marijuana under her seat.
Maldonado's lawyers told her husband Gary that he could bribe a judge to get her out of jail, but the $5,000 he cobbled together was either too late or not enough. Maldonado was transfered to a women's jail in Nogales, according to ABC News.

Gary Maldonado told Fox 10 that witnesses who saw them board didn't see them with any packages, and that security footage of them proves it.
from Yanira Maldonado, Arizona Mom, Arrested Over Pounds Of Marijuana In Mexico...

Now she's facing drug-smuggling charges after authorities said they found 12 pounds of marijuana under her bus seat.

Her family vehemently denies the charges and accuses Mexican authorities of arresting her to get bribe money.

A Mexican state official also believes Yanira Maldonado was framed.

"It's about getting money here," Yanira Maldonado's husband, Gary Maldonado, told CNN's "Starting Point" on Tuesday.

from Mexico pot arrest 'about money,' husband says

Compassion is the vice of kings: STAMP DOWN THE WRETCHED & THE WEAK: this is the law of the strong.... 
If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness. Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog!  [Don't ask how sadism yields magical powers - it's magic!]
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. 
from The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley [emphasis added]

Actually (assuming the report is accurate), it was about organized Satanism throwing its weight around and having a little fun by tormenting a woman and her family, and right after she attended a funeral. (They probably knew this when they decided to target her, and I assume that they did with the blessing of the relevant American bureaucrats.) Note that her ordeal began just a couple of days before the full Moon.

There is no chance that those responsible will be held accountable in this world, and I'd be surprised if they show up in court and identify themselves, because Satanism always attacks from a position of invulnerability, to the point of remaining "invisible." They're essentially back-stabbers, like their Venetian forebears.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

MK-Ultra: A subset of Orwell's "obliteration of the self" (revised)

Revised (see Notes)

While briefly watching Unsealed: Alien Files, which is largely a litany of lies concocted by organized Satanism over the decades since WWII [1], I was reminded of the "mind control" cover story for MK-Ultra. "Mind control" as typically conceived is a fantasy, although there are various ways to manipulate people which can be construed as "mind control."  Then there's what LaRouche exposed and called "brainwashing" (see section entitled What is Brainwashing in Rockefeller's 1984-Plot), which requires the victim to believe that his controllers are constantly watching, and it might explain how some non-terrorists are converted into terrorists at Guantanamo.

It also almost goes without saying that "mind control" is an allusion to possession, and that in the case of MK-Ultra, those perpetrating the sadistic "experiments" are the ones in danger of becoming possessed.

In reality, MK-Ultra consisted of SRA and experimentation into methods of accomplishing the main agenda of black magic, which is what I call the 8th Sphere agenda, and which Orwell called "the obliteration of the self."  I've written quite a bit about this agenda in the black magic section of my website, and The Campaigner Unbound website contains quite a few articles on aspects of this agenda.


Revision: Deleted possibly-inaccurate description of "brainwashing" in 1st paragraph. Added 2nd paragraph and reference to SRA in first line of 3rd.

[1] For example, the various UFO/alien myths (not to be confused with Sitchin's and similar claims) to the effect that "space aliens" occupy Earth and its atmosphere, and do such things as abduct humans and implant them with objects that control them, are hints of the existence and nature of organized Satanism. Prima facie evidence that the "evidence" used to sell these myths is concocted, is that despite the explosion in the number of cameras being carried around in the form of cell phone cameras, there has not been a proportional explosion in the number of UFO photos.

Lying is a major aspect of Satanism, and these UFO/alien myths are typical of the sorts of myths concocted by organized Satanism and maintained for decades or centuries. ("Jack the Ripper" is a prime example.) The "alien" idea is based on the fact that the Dragon, i.e. evil beings who have been "cast down" to Earth, are "alien beings."  Although they have no physical bodies of their own, they have an unnatural spiritual form (the Dragon) which those with clairvoyant vision can perceive. For more on this subject, see Note 1 in "Satanic Rituals."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quantitative easing is for wasteful or destructive purposes only - we have to get creative to finance infrastructure

“According to our report ‘Falling Apart and Falling Behind,’ America currently has more than 69,000 structurally deficient bridges, many of which haven’t been updated in decades,” Mr. Rendell said. “If the US wants to remain competitive in the global economy and provide safe, efficient transportation systems for our nation, then I urge state and local officials to act now and find creative ways to fund these projects, so that future collapses and accidents can be avoided."
from Skagit River bridge collapse: Looking for a temporary fix

Maybe we could get Bernanke to issue credit for something productive for a change. Yeah, right - "quantitative easing" is intended to destroy civilization, so why would he use it to build infrastructure? If he used it in one case, then Americans might rediscover the concept that's been buried since Alexander Hamilton, the System's creator, was essentially murdered by oligarchical henchman and expert dueler Aaron Burr.  So, as Rendell said, we have to get creative. Perhaps we could sell each other water and tax the transactions.

Circumstances around Woolwich butcher suggest MI-5 forced him to do it

Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo was approached by MI5 six months ago and asked if he would work for the security service, it was claimed last night.
from Woolwich murder suspect 'was offered job with MI5 six months ago', claims childhood friend

I guess British Intelligence has taken a vacation from subtlety. How much more obvious could it be that MI-5, which is essentially the British version of the FBI, has been manufacturing "Islamic" terrorism?

Perhaps they're also trying to tell us that they were behind "the Ripper's" butchery. (At the top, British intelligence merges with Satanism. You might say that British Intelligence is a front for organized Satanism. I surmise that the founders of the Golden Dawn, the original "wizard factory" front for Satanism, perpetrated the "Ripper's" butchery, while the London police, whose top ranks belonged to the Quatuor Coronati lodge of the Scottish Rite, ran interference.)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Ariel Castro's "sex addiction" a sign of demonic possession?

CLEVELAND -- During interrogation with police, Ariel Castro, the man charged with kidnapping and raping three women over roughly 10 years, referred to himself as "coldblooded," addicted to sex and unable to control his impulses, WKYC Channel 3 News has learned.
from Ariel Castro to cops: 'I'm coldblooded'

Assuming that Castro was telling the truth, this might be evidence that he is demonically possessed. (I've already addressed the question of how he might have become possessed.) Besides destructive impulses, this form of possession also stimulates sexual impulses to an unnatural extent. Mere sex addicts, as far as I know, do not imprison, torture, torment, and murder in the pursuit of satisfying their addiction.

However, this is just another possibility to consider, and not a diagnosis from a qualified professional or white-path initiate.

Obama's Annapolis address treats military's systematic rape like a lack of moral instruction

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — President Obama used a commencement speech before Naval Academy graduates on Friday to urge them to follow their “inner compass” and to warn that rising numbers of sexual assaults in the military threatened to erode America’s faith in the armed forces.
from Obama Speaks to Naval Graduates About Sexual Assault Issue

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ["Principalities" and "Powers" are proper terms for certain ranks of the spiritual hierarchy from which the chief Satanic beings originated.]
Ephesians 6:12

It must be military-recruitment season.  Once a sufficient number of women sign on the dotted line, this speech will be forgotten. If Obama were to implement real reforms, other that appealing to the "consciences" of Satanists who have been systematically raping women in the military as a form of SRA (and as a means of destroying the womens' souls without even pretending to interrogate them), then I'd think it might be safe to join the military. 

However, recruits can forget about defending democracy in any case, since the US is a de facto fascist/Satanic dictatorship - a "pod-ocracy" - disguised as a democracy.  The real "magical power" behind the throne isn't even human, although it has many human bodies, and compels them to destroy. Obtaining these "magical powers," or rather, becoming a tool of these magical powers, involves living a life which combines sadism with heightened sexuality, although not necessarily at the same time (apparently), although rape includes both and is thus an ideal form of SRA. This is what Rudy Guede was doing when he murdered Meredith Kercher and mixed it with sexual activity of some sort.

Rescuing couple from river after bridge collapse took over an hour

Sligh said he dislocated his shoulder but got out of the pickup. His wife was knocked unconscious, and he kept her head above water until the rescuers arrived more than an hour later.
from ‘Miracles’: 3 survive I-5 collapse

Good thing it wasn't an emergency.

Tsarnaev "proven" to have roots in Chechen terror-group

An FBI agent shot Tamerlan Tsarnaev-linked triple murder suspect Ibragim Todashev in Florida, allegedly after the suspect attacked him with a knife. But Todashev’s father Abdulbaki told RT he strongly doubted his son could attack the agent first.
from  ‘Never in his life’: Father of Tsarnaev’s friend questions FBI slaying of son

This was probably one of the FBI "occult" (black-ops) division's notorious "evidence"-manufacturing operations. In this case, the goal was to distract our attention from any thought that the US government was behind the Boston marathon bombing (even though the smoking gun of lax security is in its hand), by fabricating "evidence" to the effect that Todashev was violent, had been exposed as Tsarnaev's accomplice, and decided to commit "suicide by cop." 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lurid butchery in broad daylight in London

LONDON—A man believed to be a serving British soldier was brutally murdered Wednesday near a London barracks in what Prime Minister David Cameron said appeared to be a terrorist attack.

Cameron called the attack “appalling” and said: “There are strong indications that it is a terrorist incident.”

Armed police shot and wounded the two suspected attackers.
from Man murdered in London in suspected Islamist terror attack

It seems to me that one possible reason for this insane attack was to "prove" that these terrorists don't work for the British government. They were probably put up to it by British Intelligence, ultimately, although they wouldn't know it themselves.

Note that the victim was a cadet, and hardly someone who was likely to have killed innocent people in Afghanistan, and that this fits the pattern of the victims of the "war on terror" being typically innocent, or "relatively" innocent (such as the good guys in the military, like this cadet, who are among the worst victims of the "war on terror").

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tarpley article supports my view of government to some extent

By all accounts, Ambassador Stevens was assassinated by the organization known as Ansar al Islam, controlled by the infamous Sufian bin Qumu. Qumu, previously a member of the Al Qaeda affiliate calling itself Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, had been held up by the United States in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp for several years until his release in 2007. Qumu had returned to Libya and set up al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a key part of the effort to overthrow Qaddafi. Qumu’s career points up the widely misunderstood role of Guantanamo, which is not just a prison, but is also a training center for terrorists destined to be recycled back into the field in the service of the CIA.
from GOP dredges up Benghazi incident to impeach Obama

Although this article supports my view of the nature of our government (see previous entry), it also implies that Obama has some power to counteract the military-intelligence complex. So, perhaps my view is overly simplistic, or discounts the human element. Organized Satanism might not be as monolithic as I tend to believe - there might be more internal power struggles than I've previously imagined. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

"War on terror" in Iraq was a wild success

"Our mission in Iraq is clear: We're hunting down the terrorists. We're helping Iraqis build a free nation that is an ally in the war on terror. We're advancing freedom in the broader Middle East. We are removing a source of violence and instability and laying the foundation of peace for our children and our grandchildren."
from Bush: 'As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down'
Coordinated bombing attacks resumed today. At least ten blasts were seen in the capital alone, and a pair of rare explosions occurred far south in Basra. Both Sunni and Shi’ites targeted in them. Overall, at least 116 people were killed and 240 more were wounded, but the figures are likely to rise.
from MonMonday Mayhem: 116 Killed, 240 Wounded in Iraqday Mayhem: 116 Killed, 240 Wounded in Iraq

I'm not blaming the mess in Iraq on Bush or Cheney, because they were just transient figureheads for our actual government, which would have done the same with any other suitable figureheads. But I quoted Bush because I assume that he was reading a lying script he was assigned to read. Bush just seems more culpable because he was the puppet when the "war on terror" began.

The actual culprits behind the mayhem in Iraq includes the very government we installed there, which consists of a military-intelligence complex with organized Satanism at its core, a gaggle of puppets which pretend to be the government, and a gaggle of terrorist-puppets which have an endless list of excuses for waging Satanic "holy war" on average people. (I consider suicide bombers to be victims of these terrorist-puppets, who brainwash or force the bombers to become "martyrs," and in some cases trick them into driving vehicles containing bombs which are detonated remotely.)

This same pattern can be seen in the US, as exemplified by 9/11 and the Boston bombing. It's our ACTUAL government attacking the people through its puppets and blaming it on "the enemy."

BBC "explains" Iraq bombings before debris hits the ground

At least 60 people have been killed and many others injured in a series of car bomb attacks in central and southern Iraq, officials say.
The attacks are part of the recent rise in violence in Iraq linked to growing political and sectarian tension.
from Car bomb attacks kill dozens in Iraqi cities

Note how this mouthpiece for the British empire knew the motive behind the bombings even before they occurred - no investigation required. In fact, they're part of the "final throes" of the Devil's ongoing war on mankind, which explains how someone could do something so monstrous, as if from Hell. The perpetrators were the same as those behind 9/11  (note that the Twin Towers formed a giant "11," the number of black magic or Satanism, which are not the same thing) and the Boston Marathon bombings (spaced about the same as the Twin Towers): organized Satanism hiding behind layers of masks, including those of the FBI, CIA, and whatever Blackwater is being called today. For more on this subject of the war on the human spirit, see Excerpts from, and comments on, The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Distance between Boston marathon explosions approximately same as that of Twin Towers

On a lark, I decided to see if those behind the Boston marathon bombings had left a clue about the bombings' actual purpose (which I suspect was partly intended to symbolize the "war on terror" up to that point, as a means of announcing a phase-change) in the form of the distance between the explosions.

So, I determined the distance between the centers of the Twin Towers, and obtained about 450 feet, and then obtained a rough figure for the distance between the Boston bombings (one on left end of Marathon Sports at 671 Boylston, and the other in the middle of Forum bar/restaurant at 755 Boylston), and obtained 390 feet, although I wasn't able to view one of the sites (Forum bar/restaurant) on Google Maps satellite imaging, so I went by the address, which could have introduced an error of about negative 25 feet. (In other words, the distance between the actual bomb sites might have been about 415 feet.)

So, my rough measurements indicate that the Boston bombings were about as far apart as the centers of the Twin Towers. It doesn't prove anything, but it is tantalizing. Perhaps there would have been a better match if the distance between the sites were the only criterion.

I find it interesting that the second bomb exploded across from the Prudential Center, because Prudential was behind the choice of sites for British imperial aerial terror-bombings during WWII. Based on those studies, they were able to adjust their bombing patterns to minimize the amount of bombing required to drive the population out of their minds (actually vice versa). For more on these surveys, see Excerpts from, and comments on, The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leave justice for Ariel Castro up to God

Antipathies repel; antipathies draw us away from the surrounding world; we isolate ourselves, shut ourselves within our own being. Inwardly up-streaming antipathies are the antecedents of human egotism. The greater a man's egotism, the more strongly is the element of antipathy working in him. He wants to isolate himself, to feel enclosed within his own being.
 If a man unfolds the element of antipathy in his life of feeling so strongly that it plays into his waking life, his whole being is permeated with antipathy which then lays hold of his astral body; his astral body is steeped in the element of antipathy; antipathy streams out from him like an abnormal aura. It may then happen that he begins to feel antipathy to people to whom his attitude was otherwise neutral, or indeed even to those he loved or knew intimately. These conditions can give rise to persecution mania in all its forms. When feelings of antipathy not to be explained by outer circumstances are experienced, this is due to the overflowing antipathies in the soul, that is to say, to an abnormal intensification of the one pole in the life of soul which forces its way upwards out of sleep. If this antipathy gets the upper hand in a human being, he becomes a world-hater, and such hatred can assume incredible proportions.
But think of it. — If what surges up from the ocean-depths of man's being can promote overweening egotism when it gets the upper hand — and persecution mania in all forms is nothing but superabundant, excessive egotism — if all this is possible, what is there to be said of the inner will itself, which a beneficent creation conceals by means of sleep? [...] What lives in this will lies — and rightly so for the ordinary consciousness — ON YONDER SIDE OF THE THRESHOLD. He who comes to know it, learns to know the force by which the human being CAN BE LED to uttermost evil. The deepest secret of human life is that we have the counterbalance of our organic activity in the very forces which, were they to gain control in the conscious life of a man, would make him into a criminal.
Let it be remembered that nothing in the world is in itself evil or good. WHAT IS RADICALLY EVIL WHEN IT BREAKS INTO OUR CONSCIOUS LIFE [are the forces which perform maintenance on the body during sleep, although they are outside of our soul when we're awake].
If you ask: What is the nature of the forces which make compensation for the spent life-forces? — the answer is: They are the forces of evil. Evil has its mission — and it is here. If this becomes known to anyone through spiritual training, it is for him as it was for earlier seers, something of which they said: Of its essential nature it is not lawful to speak, for sinful is the mouth that speaks of it, and sinful the ear that hears of it.

from The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History

Based on articles which have appeared in recent days, a picture of Ariel Castro as a psychopath bordering on demonic possession is emerging.  However, without what amounts to the complicity of the "justice" system in his decades-long reign of terror over women behind closed doors (what a man!), he would have been identified as a wife-beater from the start and kept in check. Those who looked the other way for decades should be removed from office.

I've lived with a borderline psychopath/rage-ball, and it's as if these creatures like to get people under their thumbs, isolate them, and play God with their lives, which is a Satanic quality (as mentioned in a previous post). That alone raises the specter of some sort of Satanic possession, although not necessarily demonic, which is characterized as a drive to destroy. So, it's not as if the human spirit for which the soul/body was created is responsible, but a Satanic spirit which has hijacked the soul/body at least intermittently (for example, the Spirits of Darkness can come and go as it suits them). 

I'll spare you my rationale, but it seems to me that the best course of action would be to execute Castro in some humane manner such as with nitrogen gas or with a "shanking" out of the blue. If he isn't guilty of a capital offense, then nobody is guilty of anything. Let God, in His omniscience and perfect wisdom, determine Castro's penalty. We've got a budget to balance.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't be too quick to judge Castro or authorities who dismissed glaring clues

It is unclear whether any of the reported incidents could have led police to the three women allegedly held as sex slaves for a decade in his house, but the number of times his name pops up in the Cleveland police database is far more than the two incidents police originally reported.

There was no immediate response today from police or prosecutors.
from Accused Kidnapper Ariel Castro Beat Wife, Threatened Neighbors, Police Records Say

We have reports that Castro was violent towards his common-in-law wife, Grimilda Figueroa, with whom he had three children.

She reported to police that Castro "broken petitioner's nose (twice), ribs, lacerations, knocked out tooth, blood clot on brain, (inoperable tumor), dislocated shoulder, (twice, once on each side) threatened to kill petitioner and daughters 3 to 4 times just this year."
from Ariel Castro's alleged abuse, sadism is all too common

It is my understanding that Figueroa dropped the above complaint, and that as a result, Castro was not arrested or charged. However, the fact is that the police had objective evidence of extreme abuse, and shouldn't have required Figueroa's complaint to arrest Castro. He had probably threatened her to the point where she dropped the complaint.

The police have to "filter out" much of what they're told because they don't consider it to be real or significant, so that they can respond to real and significant reports. So, it wouldn't be difficult for the Spirits of Darkness to feed them cover stories to get them to dismiss much of what would have alerted them to the horror in Castro's haunted house.

However, dismissing physical evidence of extreme abuse is another matter entirely, and it would be interesting to know why this was dismissed. Unfortunately, it will probably always remain a mystery, but one explanation is that this was an example of the Spirits of Darkness feeding the required feelings or impulses of will into the souls of those making the decisions, so that their "playground" (Castro's dungeon) would be preserved.

Once Castro lost his job and it became infeasible for him to maintain his house of horrors, it's possible that the Spirits of Darkness decided to abandon him and let HIM go to hell, i.e. to take the fall for their sadism. It would be interesting to hear his side of the story, without feeding him any suggestions, but as usual, he has been "disappeared" into a cell, and all we ever hear about him is what the authorities and the media feed us.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Did "magical powers" have Ariel Castro?

To me, the reports that Ariel Castro celebrated the anniversaries of his captives' abductions, as if their abductions were a rebirth (into being buried alive in sex-slavery hell) are evidence of gratuitous cruelty and perhaps some sort of Satanic possession. In one of his lectures, Rudolf Steiner seems to have implied that it is possible to become effectively possessed by "unfolding" a sufficient amount of animosity in oneself (although he didn't elaborate on what he meant by "unfolding" - for all I know, it was an allusion to SRA), and Ariel Castro had an abundance of motivation for being mad at the world. His parents reportedly abused him, an uncle reportedly abused him sexually, and he was a school bus driver.

If Castro were possessed by some Satanic spirit, or "overshadowed" by the Spirits of Darkness, then the original "occupant" of his body, the spirit for which his body and soul were created, cannot be blamed for "his" crime, and the actual culprit is untouchable. His ability to keep this horror secret, and the fact that so many people missed clues that it was taking place, might also indicate that this situation was choreographed by the Spirits of Darkness, who have the power to plant ideas in people's minds. So, if someone were confronted with evidence of something amiss, the Spirits of Darkness could have planted an innocuous "explanation" in their minds, after which they would forget about Castro.

Perhaps a psychologist can provide a viable alternate explanation for these sick "birthday" celebrations, but this still wouldn't disprove my theory.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Santa Muerte: An apt symbol for the fake apocalypse

A little digging into the Santa Muerte phenomenon has convinced me that it's a sick joke created by organized Satanism, although it apparently has the significance of a rabbit's foot to most of its adherents.

From the perspective of the Mysteries, Satan is the god of death. "Ritual" murder (Frantz Fanon's "holy violence") is an important aspect of Satanism, as Rudy Guede can attest. Its purpose is to elicit demonic possession, although it has to be performed with a certain attitude, and is sometimes associated with sexual pleasure in an attempt to align human will with demonic will.  So, not surprisingly, "Holy Death" is an alternative term for Santa Muerte, i.e. Saint Death.  ("Santa Muerte" also just so happens to convert to 137, i.e. 11, the number of black magic, which Satanism pretends to be, to some people.) Skull & Bones venerates death as a supposed great equalizer, which exposes their belief system as existentialism and wishful thinking.

Dressing up a symbol of death in saint's garb also happens to be an apt symbol for what Satan hopes to do by means of the fake apocalypse, which is to con us into accepting him as Christ.

Isra-hell shows its true colors (again)

The model for the regime change against Assad is the campaign that was conducted in 2011 to oust Muammar Qaddafi from power in Libya—a U.S.-led campaign that has turned the country over to al-Qaeda-linked networks and the Muslim Brotherhood.
from Israel Takes the Lead in Empire War Drive on Syria

If Ahriman [Satan] were able to slink into a humanity unaware of his coming, that would gladden him most of all. It is for this reason that the occurrences and trends in which Ahriman is working for his future incarnation must be brought to light.
from The Fake Apocalypse

As I suspected, Israel's explanation for its recent attacks on Syria were lies. Their actual purpose was to support the all-purpose "Islamic militants" known as Al Qaeda ("the database," i.e. list of "Islamic"-looking British imperial mercenaries) which are either "terrorists" or "freedom fighters" depending on what excuse we need in order to demolish yet another country.

The goal behind starting another war (just coincidentally after the completion of Freedom Tower, which symbolized a phase-change in the "war on terror") appears to be to unleash some combination of volcanic eruptions (which can be triggered by inducing sufficient chaos in human affairs), and world war with nuclear explosions, both of which are the stuff of any decent apocalypse-show.

I'm convinced that chaos and depopulation are inevitable because it's necessary as part of making a transition to the next sub-race, although I hope to help to prevent Satan from making hay with it, which he hopes to do by conning us into accepting him as Christ, essentially.

What drove Ariel Castro?

Ariel Castro, the man accused of holding Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus captive for a decade in his Cleveland home, also brutally beat and mentally abused the mother of his children, her relatives say.

from Ariel Castro's family speaks out on abusive past

Thus, within our cosmos, into which we human beings are interwoven, there exists a battle between the Luciferic beings, constantly striving for freedom, universal freedom [to the point of "escaping" from our own nature, into a fantasy-world], and the Ahrimanic beings, constantly striving for everlasting power and might. This battle permeates everything in which we live. Please hold this fact in mind as the second idea, important to our further considerations. The world in which we live is permeated by Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings, and there exists this tremendous contrast between the liberating tendency of the Luciferic beings and the power [-seeking] tendency of the Ahrimanic beings.
from The Mission of the Archangel Michael, Lecture 1

I've pretty much given up on determining whether anyone in particular is Satanically possessed, because human motives are so complex that an individual often doesn't  know what motivates himself/herself. 

One aspect of this case that interests me, however, is Castro's ability to escape detection, over and over again. It's almost as if he had some sort of hypnotic control over those with whom he interacted, to the point where people who had first-hand evidence of his monstrousness apparently didn't think it qualified as criminal behavior.  Put another way, it's almost as if the same being who was controlling him was controlling their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is a possibility. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Behind the recent chaos, I smell a rat

Now that my fixation on the Boston marathon bombings is dissipating, I've begun to consider the claims that various people have been spreading poison gas (sarin) and powder (ricin) in various places, and as in the Boston case, I've concluded that these poison cases are just more of the same: the government either attacking someone, or falsely claiming that an attack has occurred (after all, what actual evidence is there that anyone has used sarin or ricin, other than claims from untrustworthy sources?) and using the attack or the claim to "justify" further attacks (i.e. the imposition of martial law in Boston, an invasion of Syria, or railroading innocent people into prison). 

The same goes for the Colorado theater massacre, in which I've concluded that James Holmes is working with "the government" (organized Satanism) and putting on an act. Note his that his "extracurricular" activities (wild sex and drugs) before the massacre reflect someone who has become involved with the Isis cult, of which Satanism is a "hard core" offshoot. I think he just volunteered to be the fall guy for the massacre. If the government has iron-clad proof that he massacred those people, he should be hung or decapitated in public, as an example. (Perhaps the prospect of death would loosen his tongue, and some truth would come out.) As I've written previously, it appears that one of the main purposes of that attack was to serve as a periodic distraction, on top of all of the other pressing distractions, with the ultimate intent of provoking chaos in our thinking, feeling, and willing. (Note Holmes' association with psychology.)

Besides these, there has been a constant stream of freakish mayhem lately (including that limo fire, in which the driver appears to have deliberately ignored pleas for help), and it just so happens to coincide with the death throes of the economy and the attempts to launch the next phase of the "war on terror" reign of terror - i.e. the global phase which I surmise is intended to trigger a major volcanic eruption. (Volcanic activity can be triggered by chaotic human will on a large scale.)

So, I've concluded that all of this points in the direction of organized Satanism, which is hidden in the woodwork everywhere, from which it emerges and into which it disappears as required to achieve its ends.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Enhanced interrogation" without the "interrogation"

The Boston Marathon bombing, horrific in and of itself, is made far worse by our response to it. For one thing, hate is on the march. Listen here to the conversation between a Washington, D.C. cabbie – a Muslim from Somalia – and his crazed passenger, who rants that the Koran mandates death for unbelievers and demands the poor guy “denounce 9/11.” The passenger then assaults the cabbie, who reportedly suffered a fractured jaw.

from Liberty in the Age of Terrorism

The attacker should have asked a few inane questions to get any charges dismissed, since he could say he was interrogating a suspect. But seriously, this was a case of SRA in the form of an assault motivated by hatred of terrorists. SRA has various motives, but in this case I'd say it was intended as a means of abandonment to an impulse to attack because the attacker didn't like something about the cabbie. The idea is to surrender to such impulses in order to open oneself to Satanic beings who act as a source of such impulses.

"The terrorists" have won

"All of that stuff" - meaning every telephone conversation Americans have with one another on US soil, with or without a search warrant - "is being captured as we speak".
from Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?

Knowing what I do about organized Satanism's propensity for violating every scrap of human decency (even if for no other reason than to violate them, but more likely as part of its no-holds-barred war on the human spirit, which includes doing everything it can to heighten our "paranoia.") while wearing a mask of sanctimony, and its insistence that it has a right to know everything about everyone to secretly use against them at whenever it decides to do so, I don't doubt that it would record our conversations. Since it's technically feasible, we should just assume it's happening. Laws and morality don't apply to Nietzschean superhumans who have a right to play God with our lives, as long as they can keep their violations hidden. If it could install cameras in our rectums, it would. But as the article indicates, they're not going to play them back in court (such conversations can be fabricated, so they don't constitute legal evidence), but they'll probably insinuate that they said this or that to create a virtual conspiracy to "explain" how the bombings took place, and why Tsarnaev's wife and her child need to be destroyed in the Ministry of Love at the hands of humanoid tentacles of some Satanic being ("magical powers"), when the smoking gun of lax security is in the government's hands.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Boston bombing and aftermath as a microcosm of the "war on terror"

Additional indications of a connection between the Boston bombings and the completion of Freedom Tower (66 81, i.e. 66 9, i.e. 666) continue to occur to me.  As I recall, at the time of the Boston bombings, there had been no significant bombings on US soil since 9/11. So, the first bombings (i.e., demolition charges set off by the hundreds, choreographed by the best experts on the planet at the time, which narrows the list of suspects considerably) brought down the Twin Towers, and the Boston bombings (two, as if to have one for each of the Twin Towers [1]), which symbolized their destruction and the beginning of the "war on terror," occurred just before the completion of Freedom Tower.

The subsequent unprecedented "manhunt" which resembled a war, although the Tsarnaevs were later reported to have only one gun (even though they supposedly shot a cop for his), I surmise, was partly intended to symbolize the "war on terror," which ended with the mystery-shrouded death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the capture of his brother, who didn't even have a gun with him, and has become a source of ongoing "revelations" fed to us by "the FBI" (6 6 11) which tells us that Oswald shot JFK and that there's no such thing as organized Satanism - the one negative which has been proven.

The Boston Massacre of 2013 was soon followed by the completion of Freedom Tower, as if to mark the end of the "war," or a phase-change into a world war.  Interestingly, the Boston bombings took place just before an eclipsed full Moon, and the essential completion of Freedom Tower just a few days before an eclipsed new Moon and what appears to be the beginning of a new phase in the Syrian imbroglio, probably culminating in "Armageddon."

Are we to believe that the Tsarnaevs planned all of this to happen as it did, or that it was a series of incredible coincidences?


[1] The Twin Towers formed a giant 11, the number of black magic, which Satanism pretends to be although it's essentially a subsidiary of black magic and has essentially the opposite effect on its adherents. Instead of giving them occult powers, it gives them TO "occult powers," i.e. Satanic beings, by cultivating abandonment to their lowest impulses, or what Rudolf Steiner cryptically called "antipathies" (see his Sun Mystery lecture). This is precisely what Rudy Guede was doing when he combined the murder of Meredith Kercher with sexual pleasure. Mignini knew it was a Satanic "ritual" murder - he might have put Guede up to it. Knox's trial itself was a Satanic "ritual" sacrifice of a sacrificial lamb.

Connection between Boston bombing and completion of Freedom Tower?

Construction crews at the World Trade Center hoisted a flag-bedecked spire to the top of the site's signature One World Trade Center building Thursday.

Workers raised the spire to a temporary work platform, where ironworkers can permanently attach it to the roof in coming weeks, said Steven Plate, head of construction at the site.

"It's a 22-ton structure that will house a state of the art lighting facility as well as a beacon that will be seen for miles around," Plate said. It will "give a tremendous indication to people around the entire region and the world that we are back and we are better than ever."

When the spire is fully installed, One World Trade Center will stand a symbolic 1,776 feet high, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The 408-foot spire will serve as a broadcast antenna.
from Spire hoisted atop One World Trade Center

This accomplishment marks the essential completion of this mind-boggling skyscraper (alternatively known as "Freedom Tower," which converts to 66 81, or 66 9, or 666), and I doubt that it's just a coincidence that the Boston bombing and the subsequent emergence of a fascist police state occurred just a couple of weeks earlier.  Note the various efforts to link the terrorist incident in Boston to NYC and to Independence Day. I suspect that to some people, it represents a modern Tower of Babel - the consolidation of the power of the Cult of Isis over the US, disguised as a symbol of a democratic republic. Note that so far, not a single US senator has supported the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, which would remove the Cult's fangs from our fiscal neck.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Media studiously ignoring lack of security at Boston bombing site

Assuming that the Tsarnaev brothers (whose supposed statements all come from the FBI, ultimately) actually did plant and detonate real bombs, despite the fact that agents of Craft International (whose URL is - as in witchcraft, and which is just the sort of outfit that would most likely execute the dirtiest part of a black op), were recorded on video guarding at least one backpack like the ones which supposedly carried the bombs, and moved away from it shortly before the explosions, the fact still remains that the FBI has essentially admitted that the two supposed bombers just strolled into a supposedly secure area (which had been swept for bombs) with their supposed bombs. Why hasn't the media brought this to our attention at all?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Were Dzhokhar's "friends" working with FBI?

Two college friends of the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing were accused Wednesday of trying to cover up his involvement by removing evidence from his dorm room and a third was charged with lying to the FBI.
from Three arrested for allegedly helping suspect after Boston bombings

It occurred to me that these guys might actually be helping the FBI/CIA to set Dzhokhar up by planting evidence and by retrieving his laptop so that the FBI can "examine" it (i.e. plant evidence, or just claim that they found some, and prevent anyone else from finding any evidence of Tamerlan's connections to some CIA tool).  It would make more sense than the bizarre story we've heard about them so far.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The empire strikes back against outbreak of truth on Boston Massacre

Two college friends of the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing were accused Wednesday of trying to cover up his involvement by removing evidence from his dorm room and a third was charged with lying to the FBI.
from Three arrested for allegedly helping suspect after Boston bombings

This reeks of a desperate attempt to conceal the truth (that the Boston Massacre of 2013 was the product of British/Satanist faction of the US government, just as the original was the product of the actual British/Satanic empire) with more FBI lies and thuggishness. What we know is that these guys were arrested, and then whatever the FBI and the media are telling us, which is most likely a crock of lies.  Note that this news appeared the day after Amanda Knox's interview on 20/20, reminding us of how she was locked up on the basis of absurd lies by Giuliano Mignini and his "law enforcement" coven.

Tsarnaev the sucker

Based upon  Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s links to CIA operations in Caucasus , it appears that the Boston bombing was a CIA operation, and that Tsarnaev probably didn't know that he would be playing a part until shortly before it took place. This would explain why he didn't spill the beans in advance, and how he was able to get his hands on sophisticated "home brew"  bombs - for all we know, he was assigned to buy the fireworks to give the appearance that he made the bombs, or the store where he supposedly bought them fabricated the claim that he bought them there for the same reason.  As with Lee Harvey Oswald, he was evidently being given a certain profile and put through certain motions to give the impression that he was the bomber, but it's unlikely that the CIA would have left critical aspects of the operation up to him. They might have had back-up patsies in case Tamerlan screwed up.

Ominously, Obama yesterday implied that Tsarnaev was a "lone wolf," and that such operations are difficult to thwart.  Here's a tip: monitor purchase of explosives, even if they're in the form of fireworks. But the government would of course know the importance of this, but it needs us to have the ability to buy explosives to explain its "lone wolf" terrorism.