Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Behind the recent chaos, I smell a rat

Now that my fixation on the Boston marathon bombings is dissipating, I've begun to consider the claims that various people have been spreading poison gas (sarin) and powder (ricin) in various places, and as in the Boston case, I've concluded that these poison cases are just more of the same: the government either attacking someone, or falsely claiming that an attack has occurred (after all, what actual evidence is there that anyone has used sarin or ricin, other than claims from untrustworthy sources?) and using the attack or the claim to "justify" further attacks (i.e. the imposition of martial law in Boston, an invasion of Syria, or railroading innocent people into prison). 

The same goes for the Colorado theater massacre, in which I've concluded that James Holmes is working with "the government" (organized Satanism) and putting on an act. Note his that his "extracurricular" activities (wild sex and drugs) before the massacre reflect someone who has become involved with the Isis cult, of which Satanism is a "hard core" offshoot. I think he just volunteered to be the fall guy for the massacre. If the government has iron-clad proof that he massacred those people, he should be hung or decapitated in public, as an example. (Perhaps the prospect of death would loosen his tongue, and some truth would come out.) As I've written previously, it appears that one of the main purposes of that attack was to serve as a periodic distraction, on top of all of the other pressing distractions, with the ultimate intent of provoking chaos in our thinking, feeling, and willing. (Note Holmes' association with psychology.)

Besides these, there has been a constant stream of freakish mayhem lately (including that limo fire, in which the driver appears to have deliberately ignored pleas for help), and it just so happens to coincide with the death throes of the economy and the attempts to launch the next phase of the "war on terror" reign of terror - i.e. the global phase which I surmise is intended to trigger a major volcanic eruption. (Volcanic activity can be triggered by chaotic human will on a large scale.)

So, I've concluded that all of this points in the direction of organized Satanism, which is hidden in the woodwork everywhere, from which it emerges and into which it disappears as required to achieve its ends.