Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brooklyn D.A.'s phenomenal recording quality

HDTV's audio and video quality in general are very good, but a few shows serve as examples of how good they can be. One of these is Brooklyn D.A., the first episode of which has such transparent audio and video that's it's like sitting in on the recording session.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the music industry IN GENERAL will release release digital recordings of such quality, because in my opinion they want to reserve the capability to obtain such high-quality playback for themselves. So, they'll let us have LP's, which are transparent (i.e. they let you listen THROUGH them to the music), but from which it is very expensive and difficult to extract master quality audio even if it's on the record, and CDs, which can be very good but don't have the transparency of LPs or the stunning realism of high-resolution digital.