Saturday, May 25, 2013

Circumstances around Woolwich butcher suggest MI-5 forced him to do it

Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo was approached by MI5 six months ago and asked if he would work for the security service, it was claimed last night.
from Woolwich murder suspect 'was offered job with MI5 six months ago', claims childhood friend

I guess British Intelligence has taken a vacation from subtlety. How much more obvious could it be that MI-5, which is essentially the British version of the FBI, has been manufacturing "Islamic" terrorism?

Perhaps they're also trying to tell us that they were behind "the Ripper's" butchery. (At the top, British intelligence merges with Satanism. You might say that British Intelligence is a front for organized Satanism. I surmise that the founders of the Golden Dawn, the original "wizard factory" front for Satanism, perpetrated the "Ripper's" butchery, while the London police, whose top ranks belonged to the Quatuor Coronati lodge of the Scottish Rite, ran interference.)