Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't be too quick to judge Castro or authorities who dismissed glaring clues

It is unclear whether any of the reported incidents could have led police to the three women allegedly held as sex slaves for a decade in his house, but the number of times his name pops up in the Cleveland police database is far more than the two incidents police originally reported.

There was no immediate response today from police or prosecutors.
from Accused Kidnapper Ariel Castro Beat Wife, Threatened Neighbors, Police Records Say

We have reports that Castro was violent towards his common-in-law wife, Grimilda Figueroa, with whom he had three children.

She reported to police that Castro "broken petitioner's nose (twice), ribs, lacerations, knocked out tooth, blood clot on brain, (inoperable tumor), dislocated shoulder, (twice, once on each side) threatened to kill petitioner and daughters 3 to 4 times just this year."
from Ariel Castro's alleged abuse, sadism is all too common

It is my understanding that Figueroa dropped the above complaint, and that as a result, Castro was not arrested or charged. However, the fact is that the police had objective evidence of extreme abuse, and shouldn't have required Figueroa's complaint to arrest Castro. He had probably threatened her to the point where she dropped the complaint.

The police have to "filter out" much of what they're told because they don't consider it to be real or significant, so that they can respond to real and significant reports. So, it wouldn't be difficult for the Spirits of Darkness to feed them cover stories to get them to dismiss much of what would have alerted them to the horror in Castro's haunted house.

However, dismissing physical evidence of extreme abuse is another matter entirely, and it would be interesting to know why this was dismissed. Unfortunately, it will probably always remain a mystery, but one explanation is that this was an example of the Spirits of Darkness feeding the required feelings or impulses of will into the souls of those making the decisions, so that their "playground" (Castro's dungeon) would be preserved.

Once Castro lost his job and it became infeasible for him to maintain his house of horrors, it's possible that the Spirits of Darkness decided to abandon him and let HIM go to hell, i.e. to take the fall for their sadism. It would be interesting to hear his side of the story, without feeding him any suggestions, but as usual, he has been "disappeared" into a cell, and all we ever hear about him is what the authorities and the media feed us.