Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Enhanced interrogation" without the "interrogation"

The Boston Marathon bombing, horrific in and of itself, is made far worse by our response to it. For one thing, hate is on the march. Listen here to the conversation between a Washington, D.C. cabbie – a Muslim from Somalia – and his crazed passenger, who rants that the Koran mandates death for unbelievers and demands the poor guy “denounce 9/11.” The passenger then assaults the cabbie, who reportedly suffered a fractured jaw.

from Liberty in the Age of Terrorism

The attacker should have asked a few inane questions to get any charges dismissed, since he could say he was interrogating a suspect. But seriously, this was a case of SRA in the form of an assault motivated by hatred of terrorists. SRA has various motives, but in this case I'd say it was intended as a means of abandonment to an impulse to attack because the attacker didn't like something about the cabbie. The idea is to surrender to such impulses in order to open oneself to Satanic beings who act as a source of such impulses.