Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Ariel Castro's "sex addiction" a sign of demonic possession?

CLEVELAND -- During interrogation with police, Ariel Castro, the man charged with kidnapping and raping three women over roughly 10 years, referred to himself as "coldblooded," addicted to sex and unable to control his impulses, WKYC Channel 3 News has learned.
from Ariel Castro to cops: 'I'm coldblooded'

Assuming that Castro was telling the truth, this might be evidence that he is demonically possessed. (I've already addressed the question of how he might have become possessed.) Besides destructive impulses, this form of possession also stimulates sexual impulses to an unnatural extent. Mere sex addicts, as far as I know, do not imprison, torture, torment, and murder in the pursuit of satisfying their addiction.

However, this is just another possibility to consider, and not a diagnosis from a qualified professional or white-path initiate.