Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leave justice for Ariel Castro up to God

Antipathies repel; antipathies draw us away from the surrounding world; we isolate ourselves, shut ourselves within our own being. Inwardly up-streaming antipathies are the antecedents of human egotism. The greater a man's egotism, the more strongly is the element of antipathy working in him. He wants to isolate himself, to feel enclosed within his own being.
 If a man unfolds the element of antipathy in his life of feeling so strongly that it plays into his waking life, his whole being is permeated with antipathy which then lays hold of his astral body; his astral body is steeped in the element of antipathy; antipathy streams out from him like an abnormal aura. It may then happen that he begins to feel antipathy to people to whom his attitude was otherwise neutral, or indeed even to those he loved or knew intimately. These conditions can give rise to persecution mania in all its forms. When feelings of antipathy not to be explained by outer circumstances are experienced, this is due to the overflowing antipathies in the soul, that is to say, to an abnormal intensification of the one pole in the life of soul which forces its way upwards out of sleep. If this antipathy gets the upper hand in a human being, he becomes a world-hater, and such hatred can assume incredible proportions.
But think of it. — If what surges up from the ocean-depths of man's being can promote overweening egotism when it gets the upper hand — and persecution mania in all forms is nothing but superabundant, excessive egotism — if all this is possible, what is there to be said of the inner will itself, which a beneficent creation conceals by means of sleep? [...] What lives in this will lies — and rightly so for the ordinary consciousness — ON YONDER SIDE OF THE THRESHOLD. He who comes to know it, learns to know the force by which the human being CAN BE LED to uttermost evil. The deepest secret of human life is that we have the counterbalance of our organic activity in the very forces which, were they to gain control in the conscious life of a man, would make him into a criminal.
Let it be remembered that nothing in the world is in itself evil or good. WHAT IS RADICALLY EVIL WHEN IT BREAKS INTO OUR CONSCIOUS LIFE [are the forces which perform maintenance on the body during sleep, although they are outside of our soul when we're awake].
If you ask: What is the nature of the forces which make compensation for the spent life-forces? — the answer is: They are the forces of evil. Evil has its mission — and it is here. If this becomes known to anyone through spiritual training, it is for him as it was for earlier seers, something of which they said: Of its essential nature it is not lawful to speak, for sinful is the mouth that speaks of it, and sinful the ear that hears of it.

from The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History

Based on articles which have appeared in recent days, a picture of Ariel Castro as a psychopath bordering on demonic possession is emerging.  However, without what amounts to the complicity of the "justice" system in his decades-long reign of terror over women behind closed doors (what a man!), he would have been identified as a wife-beater from the start and kept in check. Those who looked the other way for decades should be removed from office.

I've lived with a borderline psychopath/rage-ball, and it's as if these creatures like to get people under their thumbs, isolate them, and play God with their lives, which is a Satanic quality (as mentioned in a previous post). That alone raises the specter of some sort of Satanic possession, although not necessarily demonic, which is characterized as a drive to destroy. So, it's not as if the human spirit for which the soul/body was created is responsible, but a Satanic spirit which has hijacked the soul/body at least intermittently (for example, the Spirits of Darkness can come and go as it suits them). 

I'll spare you my rationale, but it seems to me that the best course of action would be to execute Castro in some humane manner such as with nitrogen gas or with a "shanking" out of the blue. If he isn't guilty of a capital offense, then nobody is guilty of anything. Let God, in His omniscience and perfect wisdom, determine Castro's penalty. We've got a budget to balance.