Sunday, May 26, 2013

MK-Ultra: A subset of Orwell's "obliteration of the self" (revised)

Revised (see Notes)

While briefly watching Unsealed: Alien Files, which is largely a litany of lies concocted by organized Satanism over the decades since WWII [1], I was reminded of the "mind control" cover story for MK-Ultra. "Mind control" as typically conceived is a fantasy, although there are various ways to manipulate people which can be construed as "mind control."  Then there's what LaRouche exposed and called "brainwashing" (see section entitled What is Brainwashing in Rockefeller's 1984-Plot), which requires the victim to believe that his controllers are constantly watching, and it might explain how some non-terrorists are converted into terrorists at Guantanamo.

It also almost goes without saying that "mind control" is an allusion to possession, and that in the case of MK-Ultra, those perpetrating the sadistic "experiments" are the ones in danger of becoming possessed.

In reality, MK-Ultra consisted of SRA and experimentation into methods of accomplishing the main agenda of black magic, which is what I call the 8th Sphere agenda, and which Orwell called "the obliteration of the self."  I've written quite a bit about this agenda in the black magic section of my website, and The Campaigner Unbound website contains quite a few articles on aspects of this agenda.


Revision: Deleted possibly-inaccurate description of "brainwashing" in 1st paragraph. Added 2nd paragraph and reference to SRA in first line of 3rd.

[1] For example, the various UFO/alien myths (not to be confused with Sitchin's and similar claims) to the effect that "space aliens" occupy Earth and its atmosphere, and do such things as abduct humans and implant them with objects that control them, are hints of the existence and nature of organized Satanism. Prima facie evidence that the "evidence" used to sell these myths is concocted, is that despite the explosion in the number of cameras being carried around in the form of cell phone cameras, there has not been a proportional explosion in the number of UFO photos.

Lying is a major aspect of Satanism, and these UFO/alien myths are typical of the sorts of myths concocted by organized Satanism and maintained for decades or centuries. ("Jack the Ripper" is a prime example.) The "alien" idea is based on the fact that the Dragon, i.e. evil beings who have been "cast down" to Earth, are "alien beings."  Although they have no physical bodies of their own, they have an unnatural spiritual form (the Dragon) which those with clairvoyant vision can perceive. For more on this subject, see Note 1 in "Satanic Rituals."