Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The empire strikes back against outbreak of truth on Boston Massacre

Two college friends of the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing were accused Wednesday of trying to cover up his involvement by removing evidence from his dorm room and a third was charged with lying to the FBI.
from Three arrested for allegedly helping suspect after Boston bombings

This reeks of a desperate attempt to conceal the truth (that the Boston Massacre of 2013 was the product of British/Satanist faction of the US government, just as the original was the product of the actual British/Satanic empire) with more FBI lies and thuggishness. What we know is that these guys were arrested, and then whatever the FBI and the media are telling us, which is most likely a crock of lies.  Note that this news appeared the day after Amanda Knox's interview on 20/20, reminding us of how she was locked up on the basis of absurd lies by Giuliano Mignini and his "law enforcement" coven.