Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yanira Maldonado and the "ongoing investigation"

A regional office of Mexico's Defense Ministry said troops conducting a routine investigation stopped the bus Maldonado was riding in and and found 12.5 pounds (5.7 kilograms) of a substance that appeared to be marijuana under her seat.

Troops turned the case over to the Mexican attorney general's office, the defense ministry said. Maldonado is being housed in a women's prison in Nogales while authorities decide her fate.

The Sonora state division of the attorney general's office said the investigation is ongoing and declined to provide additional information about the case against Maldonado.

Her husband was told by authorities that regardless of his wife's guilt or innocence, he would have to pay $5,000 to secure her freedom, the family said.

He was able to cobble together the money but then was told it was too late. His wife had been transferred to another jail.
from Mexican officials miss hearing for Arizona mom Yanira Maldonado, accused of drug smuggling

As I expected, the thugs behind the lame lie didn't show up in court. According to a TV interview, the prosecutor has been threatening her to get her to "confess," clearly indicating that they have no evidence.

Getting a bribe was never really the goal, because they would have asked for a reasonable amount that the husband could have obtained quickly, knowing that they would lose the opportunity to get paid when she was transferred to another jail. They knew that the prosecutor would go along with their lie, and that she would be kept in jail and "interrogated." The goal was to commit SRA and to traumatize her, undoubtedly with the complicity of their superiors and with the relevant elements of the American government, who are probably doing what they can to drag it out while giving the appearance of trying to get her freed.

Furthermore, the amount requested, $5K, just so happens to convert to about 63K pesos, i.e. 9-11 (two key "magical" numbers), and the amount of pot supposedly found under her seat just happened to be about 6 Kilos, and "kilos" converts to 66, so that "6 Kilos" converts to 666.  6 kilos was probably the amount her accusers had in mind when they charged her.  The very notion that anyone with half a brain would try to smuggle so much weed under a seat in a bus is ludicrous.

Note the use of the "ongoing investigation" claim, as is typical when the goal is to just tread water until the world's attention shifts elsewhere, as in the case of Daniel Chong, who was "accidentally" locked in a holding cell for five days. Over a year after Chong's near-fatal ordeal, it appears that the "investigation" is still "ongoing." During his "accidental" incarceration (during which he was handcuffed, even though he had been told that he was not being charged) he could hear people talking outside his cell, although they supposedly couldn't hear him pounding and yelling. Obviously, some Satanists in the DEA were working on their "magical powers" (Satanic possession of some sort) by marinating in sadism by torturing someone they knew to be innocent, per Crowley's instructions mentioned in a recent post below.