Thursday, June 27, 2013

In search of an affordable hardware firewall for a USB modem

I think I've found a source which explains why there are no devices which convert an ethernet port into a USB port, i.e. which plugs into an ethernet port on a computer and effectively adds a USB port. (In other words, there's no adapter that would allow a USB modem to be connected to an ethernet jack.) As far as I can tell, it's because an ethernet port is a terminus (a "slave") on a network, whereas a USB port is an origin, with a controller:

Re: Is it possible to convert Ethernet to USB?

Faulty Logic.

The USB to Ethernet is a Ethernet Controller connected to a USB host device.

So it's like a "External Ethernet Card" that uses USB as an interface, not a true "converter".

The problem with ethernet is that it's not a host/device controllable hub. You don't "direct connect" through ethernet, the network port is by design a external connection. Anything you hook up to the ethernet port is by its' nature "Another device on the network".

Anything you hook up to USB would be "A local device using the local USB root hub".
from Is it possible to convert Ethernet to USB?

So, the only way to add a hardware firewall to a USB modem would be to plug the modem into a "3G router" with ethernet LAN ports, if there is such a thing, and disable the wifi (such as by disabling it in some menu, removing the antenna, and shielding the router by putting it in a metal enclosure with the smallest possible openings for the cables, if it's not already shielded).

But good luck finding even this sort of router.  I've been searching and have yet to find any definite statements, other than a couple of heavy-duty wired routers costing hundreds of dollars, with no-nonsense specs for network administrators.

Then there's the question as to whether a router''s firewall would really provide additional security.  So, ultimately, the only way to ensure security from hackers, unless you're a genus hacker yourself and know every possible trick, is to have a separate computer that's never connected to the internet  But then you'd have to ensure that nobody could execute a "no knock" (>29 54> 11 9) search (i.e. sneak in while you're out, without leaving a trace, despite typical false-sense-of-security measures) and gain access to your data).

However, I think it's interesting that it's nearly impossible to find a router that doesn't require you to broadcast your network traffic, albeit supposedly encrypted. Considering the fact that truck-sized holes have been discovered in firewalls, only to be left in place for years without the offenders' "competitors" pointing it out, this is just another indication that the internet is being used to spy on us much more than we've been led to believe - not by the official government, but by our actual government which uses the official government as a smokescreen.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Timing is everything

Tuesday 25 June 2013
The centerpiece of the plan is the announcement that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, in addition to the rules already in draft form that are set to regulate emissions from new power plants.
from President Obama acts on climate change by enforcing the law

Now that you mention it, I have noticed that it's been getting warmer around here lately.  It must have something to do with all those power plants we've built since January.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Did Snowden snow them, or did they snow us?

(Reuters) - U.S. intelligence agencies are worried they do not yet know how much highly sensitive material is in the possession of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, whose whereabouts are unclear, several U.S. officials said.
from U.S. officials don't know how much secret material Snowden took

Well, I certainly hope they've learned a lesson from this first-ever espionage incident! 

But seriously, the notion that the NSA can't keep track of Snowden, and that he could save his butt by running off to Ecuador are hints that he's actually on assignment for the NSA, and this is all a show on the road to "Armageddon." There might be some layers in the NSA which don't know where he is, but those at the top know, and they know how to keep a secret. It's not known as the Puzzle Palace for nothing.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Want a wired modem with a USB WAN port? Forget about it!

I am nothing if not tenacious when it comes to pursuing an idea for a solution, but I've finally thrown in the towel in my effort to try to convert my computer's ethernet port into a USB port. I've tried every possible angle. An adapter which I thought would do the trick is actually just a physical adapter, with no signal conversion. It's intended to be used in pairs to allow a USB cable to be used in place of an ethernet cable - one would be put on each end of a USB cable to effectively turn the USB cable into an ethernet cable. So the signals remain ethernet signals. (There are adapters to turn USB ports into ethernet ports, and they have an electronic module to convert the signals. But there is nothing to go the other way, unless you want to make it yourself.)

But I think it's interesting that there is no way to get a wired router with a USB WAN port. They're all wireless, advertised as good ways to securely share your expensive wireless internet connection - trust us.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away ...

For the significance of this map, see Satanism and the Earth Grid


Gunmen have killed 11 people, including at least nine foreign tourists, after storming a hotel in northern Pakistan.

The nationalities of the victims have not been fully confirmed, although they include a number of Ukrainians and Chinese. One Pakistani also died.

The assault happened at the base camp of Nanga Parbat, the world's ninth highest mountain, in Gilgit-Baltistan.

It is the first such attack on tourists in the region. The Pakistani Taliban has told the BBC it was responsible.

A spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban said the attack was in retaliation for the killing of its second-in-command, Waliur Rehman, who died in a suspected US drone strike in May.

The group said it would continue to target foreigners.
from Tourists killed at north Pakistan mountain camp

This smells like one of organized Satanism's "news" fairy-tales; note that it's almost impossible to prove that it didn't happen, that the story appeared on the day of the "super-Moon" a couple of days past the summer solstice, and that the attack supposedly took place very near a ley line. So, it was probably a hoax, and probably aimed at me, and perhaps intended to provide an excuse for Satanic supermen disguised as US soldiers to kill some defenseless people in a surprise attack in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why doesn't Amazon tell us the truth about the size of Cloud Reader's downloads?

Note: If you sign out of Kindle Cloud Reader, all downloaded Kindle BOOKS are removed from your computer. You must sign in again and download the titles from the Cloud to Kindle Cloud Reader again.
from Amazon Cloud Reader's Buy, Download & Send page [emphasis added]

Various people have discovered that Kindle Cloud Reader is a straight HTML5 app and that the server sends it unencrypted content A CHAPTER AT A TIME. It would be fairly easy to build a program that captures the HTML and stores it locally. This would be roughly equivalent to “stream capture” for audio and video, except that the result would be a perfect browser-renderable copy of the e-book.
from Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader Lowers the Speed Bump for E-Books

As if some hacker is going to make money by selling copies of Kindle books at a flea market in China. Amazon could decrease the likelihood of anyone wanting to do this if they would let us know that the books are downloaded only one chapter at a time, and that the downloaded chapter can be read offline, although the download disappears when the reader is shut down. I was under the impression that the entire book has to be downloaded each time the reader is exited, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way around this, without crawling to Amazon or Microshaft for "help" in figuring out why Kindle For PC doesn't run on my version of Windows 7 (which is part operating system, part spyware, and part instrument of torment). Many people evidently have problems running Kindle for PC, and it has the stench of SRA all over it because neither Amazon nor Microshaft appears to be interested in providing answers or fixing the problems.

The same goes for Linux, with its built in "Security Enhancement" spyware/SRA system from the "NSA's NSA" (which the NSA wants us to believe is to protect  us from spyware) and its many supposed nifty free applications which promise the Moon but deliver nothing but frustration, unless you know the secret code, which I assume includes some combination of 6 and 11.

Friday, June 21, 2013

James Gandolfini, ascorbic acid, and statins

I suspect that one of the reasons James Gandolfini had a heart attack is a lack of ascorbic acid (see He also might have been using a statin drug for lowering cholesterol, which would tend to deplete his Q10, which is crucial for heart function and muscle function in general. (This might also help to explain Mr. Gandolfini's apparent difficulty with getting around at times.) The notion that high cholesterol causes heart disease is a lie; bears have extremely high cholesterol, but they don't get heart disease because they manufacture their own Vit C.

If Mr. Gandolfini were being treated by a licenced physician who lives in fear of the AMA for recommending certain things, such as ascorbic acid and lysine (which reduces cholesterol's "stickiness," and is another component of the Pauling Therapy), the blame for his premature demise might belong at the feet of the AMA. (Not only doesn't the AMA recommend ascorbic acid, but it pushes the lie that ascorbic acid tends to cause kidney stones.) He might have smoked, but if he had otherwise followed the Pauling regimen, he probably would be in quite decent health today.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The NSA's NSA fell right into my trap

My attempt to expose the actual breadth and depth of the  surveillance program by the "NSA's NSA" has spilled over into my Ubuntu-related blog in the form of a post (here) in reaction to my recognition of he ugly truth about Linux "firewalls," which are a sick joke (as I suspected before trying one out, only to have my suspicions blatantly confirmed afterward by a ham-handed intrusion), as are all "firewalls" available to the public, and perhaps to many governmental agencies. I suspect that anyone who has terrorized the Borg by developing an actually effective firewall for the masses, has met an untimely demise with hardly a peep from the media which has done so much to assist Snowden in his crusade to get us all worked up over nothing new.

As if government use of phone records is anything new

I was watching an episode of Kojak (one of the coolest cops ever), and he nonchalantly told one of his persons of interest that the police had gone over her phone records. That was back in the early 70's, so what's the big deal over the NSA keeping phone records now?  The real issue is that "the government" (organized Satanism) can see anything on our computers if they're connected to the internet, and that it uses this information to wage war on US, but in a manner that prevents us from realizing what it's doing. I can't prove this, but if each person were to keep this in mind, they might notice circumstantial evidence that it's happening to them.

Meanwhile, the FBI couldn't manage to notice that Santa Monica spree-shooter John Zawahri had been illegally ordering gun parts over the internet.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Linux firewalls no match for the Thought Police

Ubuntu, unlike Windows, allows me to receive data from my HD Homerun HDTV tuner on the ethernet port and from my USB modem on a USB port simultaneously.  The catch is that when the firewall is on, it restricts the ethernet port, or at least it does sometimes. So, I determined a means to unblock the ethernet port with a firewall command I found on a page of such commands. (I'm not about to get a degree in configuring firewalls just to do this.)  It worked - yesterday, but not today. 

So, it would seem that something has changed since yesterday, and whatever it was has the effect of forcing me to turn off the firewall to use the tuner, which is right in line with another dirty trick probably caused by hacking which interfered with my HD Homerun usage, and which I fixed by replacing the HDHR software on my computer. In other words, it had been modified, and if you knew the details, you would agree that it was no accident. So, it's beginning to smell like Linux's multitude of firewalls is a variation on the multitude of its "data metering" programs, which are apparently intended to be useless as bit-counters, and to provide a means for the Thought Police to play head-games with us.

This also seems to indicate that the Linux firewall, assuming that it's ever effective, has a backdoor for the "NSA's NSA," i.e. organized Satanism's sig-int division which does pretty much whatever it wants because we can't prove it's doing it. (That's pretty much it's mantra: "you can't prove anything.")

The recent "revelations" about the NSA have all the marks of an attempt to provoke us against Obama at a time when he's being pressured to go big in Syria, and to provoke conflicts with Russia and China. If the NSA really wanted to keep it secret, it would just deny everything and the media would have never reported Snowden's claims. Snowden supposedly has proof, but if so, why did the NSA allow him to be in a position to obtain it and get it out of a secure facility? Flash drives need ports to work, and classified documents on paper are supposed to be tightly controlled. I once made the mistake of talking about Satanism to a Satanist, and he just clammed up and didn't say anything. But he showed his true colors later, in the form of obviously contrived rudeness, a form of SRA.

The bottom line is that there's no hiding from Borg Brother, and the only way to escape their sadistic computer tampering is to stay offline completely or to use a Chromebook, which from what I've read is a data-hog and thus only suited for high-speed internet without a data meter running. When it suits their purposes to keep their spying secret (such as to make us feel secure), they do so, but when they want to let certain people know that there's no escape, they do that.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Magic words unleash torrent of articles on router vulnerabilities

On a lark, I Googled "routers tested by hackers" without the quotes, and the result was a long list of articles on how useless most routers are for protection against intrusions. A good example is 2013: The Year You Get Hacked. (Actually, I think it's the year they've completed their mass-hack-attack, so they can now let us know how vulnerable we've been despite shelling out big bucks for supposed security.)

Who would deceive us so thoroughly for so long?  Why did it take the security experts so long to tell us?   Like I've been saying, the internet and popular operating systems are Borg Brother's spy-tools in his war on us. How he uses that information is just a matter of whether it's your turn to be destroyed. I just discovered that my hard-drive installation of Ubuntu has been hacked, and that the Borg recently removed a certain small program and replaced it with a modified one. (They left a "magical" calling card.) I quickly determined what they had probably done (a matter of inserting a couple of "if then" lines in the code), and replaced the program, which fixed the problem. (They probably already know this, so there's no point in keeping it secret.) Then, when I tried to change my password (to one rated "fair"), the computer told me that it was too easy to crack, and refused to let me change it! But when I disconnected the modem, I was able to do so with a different password which the computer still rated "fair." 

So, the lesson is that if you want to banish hackers from your computer, get a Chromebook for online computing, and get a computer which is never connected to the internet (including surreptitiously via wifi) for data you want to keep from Google's potential snooping.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Known ridiculous router vulnerability allowed to exist for years

The US Department of Homeland Security is urging everyone to disable the common networking Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol. This is being done because Rapid7 security researchers have found that tens of million devices worldwide are wide open to attack because of flaws in the network protocol and its implementations.
Major UPnP problems have been showing up since 2001, and they've never stopped showing up. As Armijn Hemel, owner of UPnPhacks wrote, "In May 2006 I presented a paper called 'Universal Plug and Play: Dead simple or simply deadly'...In the years following my presentation very little has changed. A lot of routers are still shipped with grave security bugs, including involuntary onion routing, remote root exploits, and complete remote control over firewalls. New exploits are popping up....
from How to fix the UPnP security holes

Where is the "free market," which would supposedly expose such vulnerabilities in each other's products?  Are the "free market's" actual competitors lying in ditches alongside roads?  Wouldn't we have to be really stupid to trust the same people who allowed this truck-sized hole to exist for so many years? 

In case after case such as this, we learn that something sold to us as secure is a sick joke. A good example is Windows' supposed military-grade hard-drive security - I connected my Windows drive to my PC which runs Ubuntu, and was able to access everything on the Windows drive, without even entering a password.

This is why I've decided not to spend a dime on supposed security, and to spend it on a separate mini-PC which is NEVER connected to the internet, and which HAS NO WIFI CAPABILITY, for stuff I want to keep private, and I just assume that it's open season on anything on my internet-connected computer. (You'd need a KM switch to switch your keyboard, monitor, and mouse/touchpad between the two computers. Dump Windows if at all possible, and go with Ubuntu. Use Wine, which allows many Windows programs to be run on an "Ubuntu PC." Put the OS and data on separate flash drives, and encrypt and backup the data. For details, see my blog on Ubuntu.)

As far as I'm concerned, every operating system is spyware for the "NSA's NSA" until proven otherwise, which I doubt is possible. As a Borg-like race of Satanic beings in human bodies which has nothing but contempt for the human race (which it considers to be a herd of cattle to be herded and abused as much as possible without alerting us to their nature and agenda), and which does such things as nuke hundreds of thousands of civilians when they can convince us that it was necessary, it has a "right" to know everything about everyone. I assume that all the blather about security is just another of their BS-blizzard smokescreens. Most people cannot conceive of such devotion to deception and stealthy back-stabbing. I never cease to be surprised by them myself, but they have largely extinguished my ability to trust anyone. You might wonder why God allows such creatures beings to exist; I suspect it's partly because without grains of sand, oysters wouldn't produce pearls.

However, Ubuntu without any firewall is evidently secure enough for my purposes on the internet, because after months of exposure to potential attacks, my hard-drive installation still works essentially as well as it did immediately after installation, although I wouldn't know if someone has been merely snooping. Google's Chromebook, which has proven to be all but impervious to hacking, is based on a variation of Linux. Try that with Windows, without the latest intrusion and malware protection, and your computer will soon run nothing but malware.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The real economic report

President Obama decided Thursday to supply rebel forces with small arms and ammunition, following confirmation that the regime of Syria President Bashar al-Assad's has been using chemical weapons in the 2-year-long civil war in which at least 90,000 people have been killed.

In addition to supplying the weapons, the CIA will train rebel forces, Fox News also confirmed.
from CIA will lead US effort to arm, train Syrian rebel forces, Fox confirms

We'll need a world war soon to both "explain" and accelerate the next stage of economic collapse, which is necessary as part of the transition to the next evolutionary stage. There are actually layers of planetary management above organized Satanism, and I think it's safe to assume that they're engaged in a subtle multi-level game of chess with the forces of evil to once again outfox them and pull a victory for mankind out of what looks like a catastrophe for the human race. The following passages provide a glimpse into a couple of their earlier judo-moves against Lucifer and Ahriman/Satan:

This plan was frustrated inasmuch as humanity was raised to a higher stage consistent with the post-Atlantean era. What was essentially new and great in Greek and Roman culture constituted a spiritual disillusionment for the luciferic and ahrimanic powers. Through their different influences these powers desired to educate the Greeks and so to develop their powers of fantasy that the souls of men would gradually have become weary of the earth, would lose their inclination to incarnate further on the earth, and would tend to withdraw, as souls, from the earth in order to found a realm and planet of their own. THE EFFECT OF THIS INFLUENCE WAS ANNULLED THROUGH THE LEADERSHIP OF THOSE POWERS WE CALL THE NORMAL HIERARCHIES [the progessive spiritual hierarchy - i.e. Angels, Archangels, etc.], whereby the quality of fantasy and imagination in the Greeks, which also influenced their social life, was transformed into joy in the earthly.
In Roman culture, on the other hand, Ahriman's aim was to help Luciferic by shaping the Roman Empire and what followed it in such a way that it would have become a great earthly mechanism for ego-less human beings. In this way he would have been of assistance to Lucifer. Whereas Lucifer's desire was to extract the juice of the lemons for himself, as it were, Ahriman, working in the Roman Empire, set out to thoroughly squeeze the lemons and to create an entirely mechanistic state organization. Thus do Ahriman and Lucifer play into each other's hands. The plan was frustrated by the development in a preeminently egoistic sense in the people of the Roman Empire of the concept of Civis, the citizen. Human egoism, be it remembered, can only develop in physical existence on the earth. Thereby Ahriman's plan to make men into ego-less beings was frustrated. It was precisely the bleakness, the lack of fantasy in Roman culture, the egoism in Roman politics and system of rights that thwarted Ahriman's plan. [1]

[1] from Inner Impulses of Evolution, Lecture 5

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Microshaft: The king of the private-sector "NSA's"

My transition to Ubuntu began when my computer utterly died immediately after a weekly Windows "security update." (Whose security was improved by taking me out of action?)  I was forced to buy a Windows 7 PC just to learn enough about Ubuntu to start using it, but I've rigged up the computer to allow me to switch easily between hard drives, or to turn them off altogether and run on flash drives only.  So, Windows is effectively in a coma when its drive is off (which is the vast majority of the time), so it can't possibly spy on or interfere with Ubuntu.

I've dreaded the day when I would end up getting back online while running Windows, and today was that day, because I thought I could download Kindle for PC and start reading Kindle e-books without shelling out for a reader. So, I downloaded the program, and tried to run it, but it won't run.  It asks for permission, and I grant it, but it acts as if it still doesn't have permission. So, I smell a Microshaft rat. After all, they would know what I was trying to do with their operating system, and it appears that they blocked me from running K4PC, just as they caused their operating system to stop recognizing my HD Homerun after I got it running with Windows Media Center. Because of that, I was forced to get the HDHR working with Ubuntu, which is actually better for that purpose, as well as most others.

But there's a way to run K4PC on an "Ubuntu PC," and that is to get Wine, a Windows emulator for Linux, and a veritable stake through Microshaft's undead heart as far as I'm concerned. Now I'll be able to put that almost totally unused hard drive to a good use.

ABC's 'The Lookout' crew puzzled by SRA disguised as a vacation-resort management

Image: The Lookout gets a 3.3 rating, just coincidentally of course.

The June 12th, 2013 episode of ABC's The Lookout showed what you actually get when you shell out for certain vacation packages at certain resorts in Mexico.  One resort, whose name I didn't catch (you can watch the video online if you have an adequate internet connection, which I don't) was such an abysmal fraud that the show's crew was puzzled by it.  I instantly recognized it as a form of SRA - suckering people into spending a lot of money, expecting a nice vacation with everything included, and being left in the lurch so badly that to get an edible meal, they would have to leave the resort and go to a restaurant.  The personnel were clearly Satanists, or whatever they call themselves - they acted as if they had no clue that the service they were providing was just a step above that provided to slaves on a slave-galley. You really have to watch it to believe how bad it is.  For ABC's hidden-camera expose of their abuse, organized Satanism arranged to give the show a magical 3.3 rating on, as of this writing (see image).

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NSA abuses pale in comparison to "private sector" abuses

Henn said the telecommunication and Internet companies "have said in no uncertain terms that they are not granting the NSA unfettered access to their servers — or turning over data on the scale necessary to make a system like this work."
from Experts dispute NSA leaker's claim about wiretapping

Well, what I call "the NSA's NSA" is in the "private sector" (wink, wink). ("We don't need no stinkin' badges!") When Transworld Network was my ISP, they made no bones about the fact that it was essentially a division of organized Satanism. I shudder to remember that nightmare.

By the way, it's beginning to appear that one of Snowden's assignments was to stoke the conflict between the US and China, while we try to start a war with Russia and Iran over Syria. But as I keep having to remind myself, is appears that this is necessary as part of our transition to the next sub-race, which is a good thing.

Poll: Should evil reign?

Those who read my blog might be appalled at my blasé attitude toward the recent exposure of the NSA's phone-metadata logging program.  Well, suppose that the exposure and furor leads to its termination, or apparent termination. How can we know that it's actually been terminated? "Our" government demolished the WTC with thousands of people inside, and then launched the reign of terror known as "the war on terror," based on the gargantuan lie that some religious zealots on the other side of the planet were behind it. Now, on any given day, the Satanic government they installed in Iraq massacres scores of Iraqis via terrorist attacks of various sorts (typically anonymous bombings), and chalks it up to "sectarian" violence. (What "sect?") Nobody has been held accountable for this war-crime spree.

The "FBI" recently announced a phase change in the "war on terror" (the NSA scandal might be part of the new phase) by bombing the Boston marathon, and then pinned their crime on a couple of patsies. The NSA scandal might be part of this new phase, which seems to be intended to make us feel insecure.

So, when July 4th rolls around, we might be feeling like we've won our independence all over again, because Congress tells us that Prism has been terminated, but many of us won't be able to afford the traditional barbecue, the home where the barbecue would be held, or the car or gas to attend a fireworks display. Poll after poll shows that the people want the government to stop bleeding us white to pay bankers' gambling debts (i.e. to pump money into organized Satanism's war on free will), but it hasn't done so. Meanwhile, the media which jumped on the Snowden bandwagon is doing a very good job of concealing this fact, although LaRouche has made it abundantly clear that it continues. So, any victory over the NSA would likely be just a means of lulling us into a false sense of security on the road to the slaughter, for which organized Satanism has been arming itself to the teeth without background checks as it creates enclaves for itself in rural areas. (Look to Iraq for our future.) Do you think it's going to stop using every spy tool at its disposal just because we don't like it? Get real!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mackenzie Cowell murder: Did Christopher Wilson's "girlfriend" set him up?

For the significance of this map, which shows the location of Wenatchee, WA ("red dot," lower right), where Mackenzie Cowell was murdered, see Satanism and the Earth Grid.

EPHRATA — A woman implicated in the investigation of Mackenzie Cowell’s 2010 murder successfully appealed an obstruction of justice conviction in Grant County.
Tessa M. Schuyleman, now 24, was convicted by a Grant County District Court judge in March 2011 of misdemeanor charges of giving a false statement and obstructing a public servant. On Wednesday, Grant County Superior Court John Knodell judge overturned the obstruction verdict and sent the false statement charge back for reconsideration by the lower court.
from Former Cowell suspect overturns conviction

After concluding that Schuyleman was involved in setting Christopher Wilson up for the murder (the subject of a recent episode of 48 Hours), I figured I'd find that she had received lenient treatment from the local authorities, and lo and behold found that she had magically gotten off because of some supposed screw-up by the cops (they were too sneaky). Perhaps their "screw up" was deliberate, so that she could get off the hook legally while still looking as if she helped Wilson run a cover-up.

Wilson, ultimately plead guilty because the jury had supposedly been polled, and found to be biased in favor of convicting him.  In other words, his defense lawyer told him to plead guilty because he couldn't get a fair trial!

Without media, Snowden's claims would have gone nowhere

Leak investigators are scouring National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's personal and professional life to try to determine if anyone helped him gather secret documents about sensitive intelligence programs before he gave them to reporters, according to people familiar with the probe.
from Investigators Pore Over NSA Leaker's Life 

Interestingly, the same media which has made such a huge deal out of this sensible data-gathering (which can be compared to Google's data-gathering used for customizing advertisements) manages to keep a lid on the actual important scandals routinely exposed by LaRouche PAC, such as the fact that bankers' gambling debts take top priority in any "bail-outs" (as if you could bail out the Titanic) or "bail-ins," which are on the horizon. So, it would seem that this "scandal" is just the latest weekly distraction from ever-grimmer reality.

Bales plead guilty to the impossible

I was surprised to hear that Robert Bales has plead guilty to gunning down a bunch of innocent Afghans, including young children, because in the immediate aftermath of this Satanic massacre, I did a little digging, and concluded that he could not possibly have done it. This article succinctly proves this claim.

Notion of NSA backdoors was silly, but there is apparently a real spy scandal

On second thought, it seems unlikely that the NSA would have, or need, a backdoor into the sorts of encryption available to the public. If there were one, there would always be the possibility that hackers would find it, and let the world know. As I've indicated, it appears that it has alternate methods of gaining access to the unencrypted versions, and if there were a backdoor, and it became common knowledge, it would be very bad for them.

However, I can't deny that I've recently witnessed evidence that SOMEONE with the ability to control which pages of a book are available on Google Books removed a page from which I had made a partial screen-grab from the list of pages made available online, and within minutes after I had done so. This implies that SOMEONE was watching my screen, and knew what I was doing, because there is no other way that they would have known that I had taken a screen-grab. I seriously doubt that it was just a coincidence. To me, this, and not phone metadata logging, is an aspect of the real scandal. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Encrypt/decrypt only on off-line computer

Another point related to the aforementioned practice of maintaining private data on a computer that is never connected to the internet is that if you use encryption, all encryption and decryption should be done on such a computer. Otherwise, you will have unencrypted versions on an unsecure computer which is easy pickings for the "NSA."

To get some idea of the extremes used by the government to secure documents that they actually want to keep secret (unlike those which Bradley Manning was allowed to download and disseminate), see the Wikipedia entry on TEMPEST  Don't tell me that the government doesn't know how to keep secrets if it really wants to.

However, I'd be surprised if we're actually allowed to have an encryption program to which the NSA doesn't have a backdoor, meaning that anything sent over the internet can be read by the "NSA's NSA" (the no-soul agency behind the National Security Agency), and probably is if they want to ruin your life too.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Santa Monica shooting rampage: motive might not have been human

The shooting rampage that left five people dead in Santa Monica on Friday was premeditated, and the gunman had more than than 1,300 rounds of ammunition with him during the attack, police said Saturday.
from Santa Monica shooting was premeditated, police say

Whenever someone does something monstrous and wild like this, without regard for his own life and an apparent contempt for humans in general, I suspect that the Spirits of Darkness egged him on, which Rudolf Steiner indicated is something they do. The problem is that it can't be proven, because there's always some explanation in terms of the shooter's personal motives, although whether they could drive someone to do such a thing is ultimately a matter of opinion. But they do have the capability to insinuate will-impulses, which override thoughts and feelings, meaning that they have the ability to turn people into their puppets.  It's just a matter of how badly they want to use someone, although it helps if the person is already leaning in that direction, or if they have an impaired mind or will.

What I find so interesting about these attacks is how they're orchestrated to occur when the furor from previous such rampages has faded away, and the shooters always seem to know that nobody in the area is going to shoot back. It's just eerie.

Simple firewalls won't stop a skilled, determined hacker (revised)

Revision - added 2nd para.

Further investigation into the firewalls built into routers indicates that they're not much of an impediment to hackers. An effective firewall requires a more thorough examination of incoming data, and customized set-ups.

Besides, firewalls are all ultimately based on software, and unless you're prepared to perform a thorough analysis of the software, you won't really know what it does. This is ultimately why I recommend keeping data you want to keep private on a computer that is never connected to the internet, and which has no wifi capability. If it has wifi, it's possible that it could be remotely activated and broadcast a beacon to "the NSA."  

So, unless you want to dance with hackers, it might be best just to keep anything you want to protect on a separate PC, such as a mini-PC running Ubuntu on a flash drive (with data kept on separate identical encrypted flash drives - see my related blog here), which is never put online, and just assume that the "NSA" rifles through it your online computer at will. In the immortal words of Judy Tenuta, "It can happen!"  Since it CAN happen, assume that it is happening. Scruples aren't part of the equation, as one can surmise from my post on the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (here). 

By the way, the recent "scandal" over NSA "snooping" strikes me as a mischaracterization of the real issue - a standard technique in organized Satanism's bag of tricks. The sort of "scandalous" data collection being "exposed" seems reasonable, and I would consider the NSA to be negligent if it DIDN'T do it. 

What bugs me is such stuff as the recent incident in which I took a tiny screen grab - a single paragraph - from copyrighted material (hardly a "copyrightable" passage - just a codification of what I assume is common knowledge) on Google Books, only to have the copy utterly disappear during a copy/paste operation, and to find a few minutes later that the page of interest had become unavailable!

This seems to imply that someone was monitoring my screen, and considering what it would take to remove a page from Google Books, this implies high-level access, not some rogue hacker playing games. This is what I mean by "NSA," in quotes - a sort of super-NSA black op for which the official NSA serves as a smokescreen, and which is never revealed because of the implications for what our government actually is.

Similarly, if someone does something really low, such as deprive you of sleep for no good reason [1], they aren't a complete human, but a psychopath (or worse), who cannot be forgiven for it because it's not something that they did, but what they ARE and will always be.

[1] Assuming, for example, that sleep deprivation has a place in legitimate interrogations, although my idea of a good interrogator is someone who reads people like books.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ubuntu firewall is off by default, might be required for flash-drive installations

When I wrote the previous post, I was unaware that my computer's firewall was off, and that it might be required.  It turns out that the firewall is off by default because Linux is supposedly so secure that it doesn't need one. However, this might not apply to flash-drive installations, such as the one I use for most of my online activity. So, the problems I was noticing might have been caused by rogue hackers, or it could have been caused by the "NSA" (i.e. organized Satanism in the form of NSA black ops which answer to nobody, or at least no people) posing as rogue hackers.

So, I turned the firewall on (by entering "sudo ufw enable" on the command line, where ufw refers to Uncomplicated Firewall, an interface to the actual firewall), and I'll see if the problems persist.  Even if they don't, I'll assume that the "NSA" can still snoop undetected at will, and that the only thing  preventing them from doing anything noticeable is the fact that they could no longer pose as rogue hackers.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Criminals behind CP5's ordeal are untouchable; "NSA" spying and harassment

While the confessions themselves were videotaped, the hours [going on a day] of interrogation that preceded the confessions were not.

No DNA evidence tied the suspects to the crime, so the prosecution's case rested almost entirely on the confessions.
from Central Park Jogger case

You would think that the crew behind this criminal "interrogation" and the subsequent witch-run-trial would suffer some consequences, but you would be wrong. They haven't even had to admit that they did anything wrong. Instead, they continue to pretend that the "confessions" they extracted through "enhanced interrogation" prove that the Central Park 5 are guilty, despite the lack of any real evidence against them, and despite the evidence that the brutal rape was committed by only one "person" (Mathias Reyes), and that the interrogations were therefore legal (as if the results of an illegal interrogation could nullify the law against it). The rest of NYC's government appears to be content to allow these criminals to remain in office, indicating what I contend is the true Satanic nature of our governments, when push comes to shove, and shove comes to a knife in the back.

Reyes fits the profile of someone who is demonically possessed, and his abusive childhood would explain how he could have become possessed (by nurturing his rage and then acting on it). (But again, I'm not qualified to make an official mental diagnosis.) I haven't found any evidence that HE was subjected to "enhanced interrogation," which makes sense because as a form of SRA, it is reserved for innocent people, since abusing someone solely because they are human is a recipe for aligning an abuser's will with demonic (anti-human) will.

"NSA" remote control over modems and Ubuntu
As I wrote this entry, my text editor cursor was jumping around erratically, until I unplugged my modem from my computer. I supposedly wasn't even connected to the internet, so it would seem that the "NSA's" Satanist faction has a means to remotely activate modems, establish hidden connections and play games with our heads. [1]  If it's possible, and I don't see why it wouldn't be, then we should assume that it's being done if it serves their purposes.

As for the question of whether Ubuntu is "NSA" spyware, well, we're allowed to use it, aren't we? (Not only that, but it's available for free.) After using it for a while, I've concluded that organized Satanism has wormed its way into Ubuntu's core, from where it can spy on us and abuse us in ways that can't be proven, although if you know the signs, and if it's happening to you, you know it. 

For example, I frequently get an "error" message that reads "System Program Problem Detected" [101  88 81 66] but I've always ignored it and haven't noticed any real evidence of an OS problem. Note that each word in the clumsily-written message converts to an "occult" number. I also recently got a warning that my thumb-drive installation had only about 50MB of memory remaining, but it actually had about 1.5 GB. So, the points of these "warnings" seems to be to cause stress and waste our time searching for solutions to nonexistent problems.

So, if I were shopping for an on-line computer, I would seriously consider a Google Chromebook. There's apparently no escape from the Borg brethren online, so why pretend there is?

For that matter, if nobody's home for significant amounts of time at your place, I'd assume they've been in it with their high-res cameras, unless you've taken step to prevent them from doing so without leaving any evidence. (Hiring a "security" agency is probably no protection - they'd probably use any cameras installed to spy on you.) But remember, booby traps that can cause injury are illegal, and harming a member of the Borg will get you the maximum sentence, or killed. 

[1] Yesterday, in the course of cutting a pasting a file from one place to another, it completely disappeared, but I didn't really need it. But the kicker is that I went back to Google Books to find it again,  THAT PAGE HAD BEEN REMOVED from the list of "preview" pages! But again, I didn't really need it. I don't know why I tried to save it, because I didn't have a good reason. So, my motive for wanting to save it is a mystery even to myself. Maybe I just wanted something tangible in exchange for the hours I searched for it just to corroborate a hunch.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Satanism's big lies require perpetual "maintenance" (revised)

In a previous post, I mentioned that Unsealed: Alien Files is a litany of lies.  More recently, it occurred to me that the main purpose of the show is to repeat these lies in order to keep them "real."  By "keeping the 'real,'" I mean to bring them to the attention of people who have yet to consider them, to confuse them and hopefully lead them to false conclusions. This is largely a function of the Spirits of Darkness which were "cast down to Earth" (relegated to Earth's etheric realm, where they take the unnatural spiritual form of the Dragon, since they are "alien" to the spatial realm, i.e., "space aliens"). It was shortly after they were cast down to Earth that Satanism launched a mass-recruitment campaign and sprouted fronts of a wide variety, beginning with the Isis-Urania Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the original "Hogwarts."

Another good example of this is how "new evidence" which supposedly supports Darwinism, despite the fact that it is impossible [1] , is presented at least weekly in the media. There are so many other facets to this practice that I could probably write a book about it, if I could write or had an editor.


[1] For example, explain how eyes would have evolved via random mutations. It's impossible.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Critical evidence on Boston bombing that you might have missed

This report from the local Boston media has largely been forgotten - but it has always been a pretty good indication that the 2nd bomb (the one Dzhokhar supposedly left inside his backpack ON THE SIDEWALK) was located in the ROAD side of the metal gates, not the store side. Keep in mind this was submitted the day of the race just by some lady taking pictures from her window.

NOW consider this: Investigators actually removed the ENTIRE TREE that is visible at the site of the second bombing, under the pretense that "Dzhokhar MAY HAVE LEANED AGAINST IT." [Barf!] The OBVIOUS reason they forever altered the crime scene by literally uprooting the tree was because IT would show, pretty conclusively, that the bomb was on the outside of the metal rails.
from It appears as if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may well be INNOCENT

The implication of the authorities altering the crime scene should be obvious, and this bombshell should have been more widely reported, but I just stumbled onto the article over a month after it was published. 

I think I'm going to have to bookmark The Daily Paul, which must have a serious streak of independence to publish something like this.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Central Park Jogger Witch-Trial: A familiar theme

On April 17, 1989, a woman was practicing tai chi in New York's Central Park, when a man sexually assaulted her. The rape was interrupted by a passerby who heard her yelling, but not before the woman was severely beaten to the point of requiring hospitalization. The woman gave police a detailed description of her attacker, including the fact that he had fresh stitches on his chin. Checking local hospitals, a detective found a match to an 18-year-old Puerto Rican man who worked nearby.

Mysteriously, the man was never questioned. The victim left town, the detective was transferred out of the sex crimes unit, and the case was closed as unsolved.
While police knew that Matias Reyes was slashing and raping women around Manhattan's East Side during 1988 and 1989, there was one case they didn't think to link him to. That was the assault on Trisha Meili on April 19, 1989, as she was jogging in Central Park -- an assault that would quickly rivet the world.
 And, most amazingly, a police officer who knew Reyes chatted with him as he strolled out of the park just minutes after Meili was raped and left for dead.

On his head, Reyes was wearing the victim’s distinctive headphones.

Reyes left his DNA behind. But police never thought to compare it to him. Not until more than a decade later, after he voluntarily confessed.
from Damning reconstruction of notorious false confession case
This claim notwithstanding, no indictments, convictions or disciplinary actions were ever taken against District Attorney's office staff members. ALL OF THE DEFENDANTS HAD COMPLETED THEIR PRISON SENTENCES AT THE TIME OF TEJADA'S ORDER, WHICH ONLY HAD THE EFFECT OF CLEARING THEIR NAMES.
In 2003, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana Jr., and Antron McCray sued the city for malicious prosecution, racial discrimination and emotional distress. AS OF EARLY 2013, THE SUIT IS YET TO BE SETTLED. [25][26] [27] THE CITY IS REFUSING TO SETTLE THE SUITS, CITING "THE CONFESSIONS THAT WITHSTOOD INTENSE SCRUTINY, IN FULL AND FAIR PRETRIAL HEARINGS AND AT TWO LENGTHY PUBLIC TRIALS".
from Wikipedia entry on Central Park Jogger case

So how do they explain Tejada's order?

We're supposed to believe that the psychopath (or worse) Reyes developed a conscience in prison, and thus confessed to the crime just before the Central Park Five were due to be released. But it looks to me that his role in the Central Park Jogger attack was concealed in order to conduct yet another "witch trial," i.e. a trial run by witches as a means of practicing their religion. (Reyes was apparently locked up because they could no longer deny that he was a serial rapist.) Then, when their jail sentences were almost up, they had Reyes confess in order to further torment the CP5. Even now that nobody in their right mind would deny that Reyes was behind the CPJ attack, the railroad crew has not stopped their big-lie campaign of psywar against the CP5. They have no souls, and they're probably proud of it.

"War on terror" as a means of imposing human destiny

Barack Obama ... has arrogated to himself the right to kill at will, anywhere on the globe, accountable only to himself, based on secret information and classified legal rationales, [and] now says he is determined that Washington’s “perpetual war” must one day end – sometime in the misty future after he is long gone from office. He informed his global audience of potential victims that he had signed a secret agreement (with himself?) that would limit drone strikes to targets that pose “a continuing, imminent threat to Americans” and cannot be captured – a policy that his White House has always claimed (falsely) to be operative. He promises to be more merciful than before, “haunted” as he is by all the nameless deaths, although he admits to having done no wrong.
he redefined the U.S. war on terror out of existence (in perpetuity) by breaking the conflict down to its daily, constituent parts, while simultaneously affirming that America will soon travel “beyond Afghanistan” despite the fact that many thousands of Special Operations troops will continue their round the clock raids in the countryside while drones rain death from the skies for the foreseeable future.
 He is also the arbiter of who is to be detained in perpetuity, without trial or (public) charge, for “association” with “terrorists” as defined by himself. He has no apologies for that.
America must turn the page on the previous era, because “the threat has shifted and evolved from the one that came to our shores on 9/11.”
Obama’s blanket interpretation of AMUF – the legal logic - had previously been considered a state secret. It was news to much of the U.S. Senate, too, until assistant secretary of defense Michael Sheehan, in charge of special operations (death squads) at the Pentagon, told lawmakers earlier this month that the AMUF allows Obama to put “boots on the ground” anywhere he chooses, including “Yemen or the Congo,” if his classified logic compelled him to do so.

from Perpetual War – and Obama’s Perpetual Con Game

Yours truly, a "paranoid moron," asserted from the beginning of the "war on terror" that it is actually a war on civilization and mankind. However, I didn't state explicitly until recently that by "mankind," I meant the current sub-races of the Aryan root-race, to which the vast majority of modern mankind belongs. Evolution proceeds, and the outmoded sub-races must be phased out to make way for the new. Due to our current state of consciousness, which is a combination of rational and materialistic, this transition will be one of the more difficult, because we feel that death is oblivion. In fact, it is a "birth" into the spiritual world, and is afterward perceived as a victory for the spirit. (On the other hand, there are penalties in the next world for suicide, so there's no easy escape. But I suppose the penalty depends on various factors. The penalties don't include eternal torture, although they might seem like it.) 

So, certain aspects of the "war on terror" are necessary, even though it's being sold with lies. My concerns are that it includes preparations for turning the human race into a truly mindless slave race, and that it's being portrayed in some circles as the sum total of the Apocalypse in order to con us into accepting Satan's kingdom on Earth as Christ's supposed Earthly kingdom, which will take place in the distant future when the Sun recombines with Earth. But before that happens, the Moon will recombine with Earth (it does seem to be getting brighter), and this will correspond to a reign of evil, although we will be able to handle it better that we currently are.