Thursday, June 13, 2013

ABC's 'The Lookout' crew puzzled by SRA disguised as a vacation-resort management

Image: The Lookout gets a 3.3 rating, just coincidentally of course.

The June 12th, 2013 episode of ABC's The Lookout showed what you actually get when you shell out for certain vacation packages at certain resorts in Mexico.  One resort, whose name I didn't catch (you can watch the video online if you have an adequate internet connection, which I don't) was such an abysmal fraud that the show's crew was puzzled by it.  I instantly recognized it as a form of SRA - suckering people into spending a lot of money, expecting a nice vacation with everything included, and being left in the lurch so badly that to get an edible meal, they would have to leave the resort and go to a restaurant.  The personnel were clearly Satanists, or whatever they call themselves - they acted as if they had no clue that the service they were providing was just a step above that provided to slaves on a slave-galley. You really have to watch it to believe how bad it is.  For ABC's hidden-camera expose of their abuse, organized Satanism arranged to give the show a magical 3.3 rating on, as of this writing (see image).