Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Criminals behind CP5's ordeal are untouchable; "NSA" spying and harassment

While the confessions themselves were videotaped, the hours [going on a day] of interrogation that preceded the confessions were not.

No DNA evidence tied the suspects to the crime, so the prosecution's case rested almost entirely on the confessions.
from Central Park Jogger case

You would think that the crew behind this criminal "interrogation" and the subsequent witch-run-trial would suffer some consequences, but you would be wrong. They haven't even had to admit that they did anything wrong. Instead, they continue to pretend that the "confessions" they extracted through "enhanced interrogation" prove that the Central Park 5 are guilty, despite the lack of any real evidence against them, and despite the evidence that the brutal rape was committed by only one "person" (Mathias Reyes), and that the interrogations were therefore legal (as if the results of an illegal interrogation could nullify the law against it). The rest of NYC's government appears to be content to allow these criminals to remain in office, indicating what I contend is the true Satanic nature of our governments, when push comes to shove, and shove comes to a knife in the back.

Reyes fits the profile of someone who is demonically possessed, and his abusive childhood would explain how he could have become possessed (by nurturing his rage and then acting on it). (But again, I'm not qualified to make an official mental diagnosis.) I haven't found any evidence that HE was subjected to "enhanced interrogation," which makes sense because as a form of SRA, it is reserved for innocent people, since abusing someone solely because they are human is a recipe for aligning an abuser's will with demonic (anti-human) will.

"NSA" remote control over modems and Ubuntu
As I wrote this entry, my text editor cursor was jumping around erratically, until I unplugged my modem from my computer. I supposedly wasn't even connected to the internet, so it would seem that the "NSA's" Satanist faction has a means to remotely activate modems, establish hidden connections and play games with our heads. [1]  If it's possible, and I don't see why it wouldn't be, then we should assume that it's being done if it serves their purposes.

As for the question of whether Ubuntu is "NSA" spyware, well, we're allowed to use it, aren't we? (Not only that, but it's available for free.) After using it for a while, I've concluded that organized Satanism has wormed its way into Ubuntu's core, from where it can spy on us and abuse us in ways that can't be proven, although if you know the signs, and if it's happening to you, you know it. 

For example, I frequently get an "error" message that reads "System Program Problem Detected" [101  88 81 66] but I've always ignored it and haven't noticed any real evidence of an OS problem. Note that each word in the clumsily-written message converts to an "occult" number. I also recently got a warning that my thumb-drive installation had only about 50MB of memory remaining, but it actually had about 1.5 GB. So, the points of these "warnings" seems to be to cause stress and waste our time searching for solutions to nonexistent problems.

So, if I were shopping for an on-line computer, I would seriously consider a Google Chromebook. There's apparently no escape from the Borg brethren online, so why pretend there is?

For that matter, if nobody's home for significant amounts of time at your place, I'd assume they've been in it with their high-res cameras, unless you've taken step to prevent them from doing so without leaving any evidence. (Hiring a "security" agency is probably no protection - they'd probably use any cameras installed to spy on you.) But remember, booby traps that can cause injury are illegal, and harming a member of the Borg will get you the maximum sentence, or killed. 

[1] Yesterday, in the course of cutting a pasting a file from one place to another, it completely disappeared, but I didn't really need it. But the kicker is that I went back to Google Books to find it again,  THAT PAGE HAD BEEN REMOVED from the list of "preview" pages! But again, I didn't really need it. I don't know why I tried to save it, because I didn't have a good reason. So, my motive for wanting to save it is a mystery even to myself. Maybe I just wanted something tangible in exchange for the hours I searched for it just to corroborate a hunch.