Sunday, June 9, 2013

Encrypt/decrypt only on off-line computer

Another point related to the aforementioned practice of maintaining private data on a computer that is never connected to the internet is that if you use encryption, all encryption and decryption should be done on such a computer. Otherwise, you will have unencrypted versions on an unsecure computer which is easy pickings for the "NSA."

To get some idea of the extremes used by the government to secure documents that they actually want to keep secret (unlike those which Bradley Manning was allowed to download and disseminate), see the Wikipedia entry on TEMPEST  Don't tell me that the government doesn't know how to keep secrets if it really wants to.

However, I'd be surprised if we're actually allowed to have an encryption program to which the NSA doesn't have a backdoor, meaning that anything sent over the internet can be read by the "NSA's NSA" (the no-soul agency behind the National Security Agency), and probably is if they want to ruin your life too.