Friday, June 21, 2013

James Gandolfini, ascorbic acid, and statins

I suspect that one of the reasons James Gandolfini had a heart attack is a lack of ascorbic acid (see He also might have been using a statin drug for lowering cholesterol, which would tend to deplete his Q10, which is crucial for heart function and muscle function in general. (This might also help to explain Mr. Gandolfini's apparent difficulty with getting around at times.) The notion that high cholesterol causes heart disease is a lie; bears have extremely high cholesterol, but they don't get heart disease because they manufacture their own Vit C.

If Mr. Gandolfini were being treated by a licenced physician who lives in fear of the AMA for recommending certain things, such as ascorbic acid and lysine (which reduces cholesterol's "stickiness," and is another component of the Pauling Therapy), the blame for his premature demise might belong at the feet of the AMA. (Not only doesn't the AMA recommend ascorbic acid, but it pushes the lie that ascorbic acid tends to cause kidney stones.) He might have smoked, but if he had otherwise followed the Pauling regimen, he probably would be in quite decent health today.