Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Linux firewalls no match for the Thought Police

Ubuntu, unlike Windows, allows me to receive data from my HD Homerun HDTV tuner on the ethernet port and from my USB modem on a USB port simultaneously.  The catch is that when the firewall is on, it restricts the ethernet port, or at least it does sometimes. So, I determined a means to unblock the ethernet port with a firewall command I found on a page of such commands. (I'm not about to get a degree in configuring firewalls just to do this.)  It worked - yesterday, but not today. 

So, it would seem that something has changed since yesterday, and whatever it was has the effect of forcing me to turn off the firewall to use the tuner, which is right in line with another dirty trick probably caused by hacking which interfered with my HD Homerun usage, and which I fixed by replacing the HDHR software on my computer. In other words, it had been modified, and if you knew the details, you would agree that it was no accident. So, it's beginning to smell like Linux's multitude of firewalls is a variation on the multitude of its "data metering" programs, which are apparently intended to be useless as bit-counters, and to provide a means for the Thought Police to play head-games with us.

This also seems to indicate that the Linux firewall, assuming that it's ever effective, has a backdoor for the "NSA's NSA," i.e. organized Satanism's sig-int division which does pretty much whatever it wants because we can't prove it's doing it. (That's pretty much it's mantra: "you can't prove anything.")

The recent "revelations" about the NSA have all the marks of an attempt to provoke us against Obama at a time when he's being pressured to go big in Syria, and to provoke conflicts with Russia and China. If the NSA really wanted to keep it secret, it would just deny everything and the media would have never reported Snowden's claims. Snowden supposedly has proof, but if so, why did the NSA allow him to be in a position to obtain it and get it out of a secure facility? Flash drives need ports to work, and classified documents on paper are supposed to be tightly controlled. I once made the mistake of talking about Satanism to a Satanist, and he just clammed up and didn't say anything. But he showed his true colors later, in the form of obviously contrived rudeness, a form of SRA.

The bottom line is that there's no hiding from Borg Brother, and the only way to escape their sadistic computer tampering is to stay offline completely or to use a Chromebook, which from what I've read is a data-hog and thus only suited for high-speed internet without a data meter running. When it suits their purposes to keep their spying secret (such as to make us feel secure), they do so, but when they want to let certain people know that there's no escape, they do that.