Monday, June 10, 2013

Mackenzie Cowell murder: Did Christopher Wilson's "girlfriend" set him up?

For the significance of this map, which shows the location of Wenatchee, WA ("red dot," lower right), where Mackenzie Cowell was murdered, see Satanism and the Earth Grid.

EPHRATA — A woman implicated in the investigation of Mackenzie Cowell’s 2010 murder successfully appealed an obstruction of justice conviction in Grant County.
Tessa M. Schuyleman, now 24, was convicted by a Grant County District Court judge in March 2011 of misdemeanor charges of giving a false statement and obstructing a public servant. On Wednesday, Grant County Superior Court John Knodell judge overturned the obstruction verdict and sent the false statement charge back for reconsideration by the lower court.
from Former Cowell suspect overturns conviction

After concluding that Schuyleman was involved in setting Christopher Wilson up for the murder (the subject of a recent episode of 48 Hours), I figured I'd find that she had received lenient treatment from the local authorities, and lo and behold found that she had magically gotten off because of some supposed screw-up by the cops (they were too sneaky). Perhaps their "screw up" was deliberate, so that she could get off the hook legally while still looking as if she helped Wilson run a cover-up.

Wilson, ultimately plead guilty because the jury had supposedly been polled, and found to be biased in favor of convicting him.  In other words, his defense lawyer told him to plead guilty because he couldn't get a fair trial!