Monday, June 17, 2013

Magic words unleash torrent of articles on router vulnerabilities

On a lark, I Googled "routers tested by hackers" without the quotes, and the result was a long list of articles on how useless most routers are for protection against intrusions. A good example is 2013: The Year You Get Hacked. (Actually, I think it's the year they've completed their mass-hack-attack, so they can now let us know how vulnerable we've been despite shelling out big bucks for supposed security.)

Who would deceive us so thoroughly for so long?  Why did it take the security experts so long to tell us?   Like I've been saying, the internet and popular operating systems are Borg Brother's spy-tools in his war on us. How he uses that information is just a matter of whether it's your turn to be destroyed. I just discovered that my hard-drive installation of Ubuntu has been hacked, and that the Borg recently removed a certain small program and replaced it with a modified one. (They left a "magical" calling card.) I quickly determined what they had probably done (a matter of inserting a couple of "if then" lines in the code), and replaced the program, which fixed the problem. (They probably already know this, so there's no point in keeping it secret.) Then, when I tried to change my password (to one rated "fair"), the computer told me that it was too easy to crack, and refused to let me change it! But when I disconnected the modem, I was able to do so with a different password which the computer still rated "fair." 

So, the lesson is that if you want to banish hackers from your computer, get a Chromebook for online computing, and get a computer which is never connected to the internet (including surreptitiously via wifi) for data you want to keep from Google's potential snooping.